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2021 NFL Trade Value Chart

By Mark Solway | April 29th, 2021

USA Today put out a great trade Value Chart and distributed it in various schemas to suit each NFL team. I never saw one for Washington, so I scarfed the Denver Broncos one, and made the necessary modifications.

I did notice that none of their versions had the new Cowboys logo on it, but mine does. *wink*

Washington trade value chart

Jokes aside, it’s a great resource put together by USA Today. It allows you to follow along, and play General Manager, and pontificate every draft trade scenario you can think of – and believe in your heart that it could happen. Because the chart says so.

Deals, Deals And More Deals!

So for example, an arm chair GM could postulate that Washington’s 19th overall pick (875 points), combined with their second round pick (390 points), would total 1265 points. Which would be enough to (hypothetically) move up into 11th (1250 points) in a deal with the New York Giants. Would New York drop eight spots, to pick up an extra second rounder? The chart says so, but not in all likelihood.

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The Patriots love these kind of moves and sit at 15th (1050 points). Washington has an extra third round pick from San Francisco, that is worth 220 points according to the chart. Would New England drop four spots to pick up an extra top ten, third round draft pick (875+220=1095 points)?

So if a top quarterback falls to fifteen, with Dan Snyder in the War Room…

… just saying.

Or maybe Washington will just stand pat and take an offensive lineman.

Grab a seat, but you’ll only need the edge of it!!

Enjoy the draft!


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