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Wallpaper Wednesday: Vintage Russ Grimm Mobile Wallpaper

By Mark Solway | October 13th, 2021

Another tough loss this week for Washington. It seems like a good time to run another vintage wallpaper, to take our minds off the sting of wasted opportunities against the Saints.

Today we celebrate a Washington Legend.

Russ Grimm – The Grimm Reaper

That’s right, today’s wallpaper commemorates a True Hog. The only Hog in the Hall of Fame – Mr. Russ Grimm.

Let’s not get started if that is the way things should be.

We have a special Russ Grimm Profile page in the WFT History section.

This is a mobile friendly 1080×1920 version for you.

Just click on the image to open the full sized image in a new window, and download it to your mobile.


Russ Grimm Wallpaper


Did you know that Grimm was actually the “inspiration” for The Hogs monicker?

From our Grimm Profile:

As a matter of fact, according to the original ‘Head Hog’ George Starke, and who would know better, Grimm is actually the inspiration behind the name Hogs.

Following the announcement that Grimm was being inducted, Starke stated, “Obviously, everyone knows that Russ is a Hog, but not everyone knows that the name Hogs came from a description of him. He was lying on the ground at the end of a blocking drill and Joe Bugel walked by and Russ had his stomach peeking out of his shirt. Buges said, ‘Man, Russ get up you look like a Hog laying on the ground.’ ”

Starke went on to explain. “After that, the rest of us decided to poke fun at Buges and wear white shirts to practice and we all had Hogs written on them. Buges said to us, ‘Why are you doing that?’ We said, Because we are in solidarity with Russ. If you call him a Hog, you have to call us all Hogs.’ That is where the name came from.”

Starke also offered his opinion that, “… Russ is the greatest guard to ever play pro football. He and Randy White had so many battles and Russ won most of those battles and Randy is in the Hall of Fame. I think it is only fitting that Russ make it in.”


Check out The Hogs Quotes page too, for the great story about running the 50 gut again and again against the Cowboys.

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