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Throwback Thursday: Remembering The Great Sean Taylor

By Mark Solway | October 21st, 2021

This week’s Throwback Thursday doesn’t look back at a day in Washington Football history like many of them do. Today, we use Throwback Thursday to take an extra chance to remember Sean Taylor.

Sean was forever memorialized on Sunday, when the Washington Football Team retired the jersey number 21. That means Sean is the last player that will ever wear that jersey for Washington. That’s fitting because when you think of “21,” it’s impossible not to think of Sean.

Here is today’s hopefully nostalgia-inducing picture for #ThrowbackThursday.


Wallpaper Wednesday: Commemorative Sean Taylor Jersey Retirement

His Legacy

Sean will be remembered fondly for the way he played the game. Which was ferociously.

Has a punter ever been hit so hard? For that matter, has there ever been a hit that large in a Pro Bowl game on anyone?

What about when Todd Pinkston went all alligator arms in the open field because he thought he was about to be trucked by The Meast?

Everybody has a favorite Sean moment.

Think of yours on this #ThrowbackThursday.

Gone but never forgotten.

We miss you Sean.


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