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After a season ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, it seemed like a good time to run a vintage wallpaper. Perhaps if we celebrate a player of yesteryear, it will take away some of the sting of the current year.

So today’s #WallpaperWednesday celebrates the greatest player, that is not currently in the Hall Of Fame.

Mr. Joe Jacoby.

Big Jake

Today’s wallpaper commemorates a true Hog. A Hog that belongs in Canton, Ohio with Russ Grimm.

Jacoby was the starting left tackle on the original Hogs – along with George Starke, Russ Grimm, Mark May and Jeff Bostic. They were at that time, the biggest offensive line in the NFL. Jacoby played his entire career for Washington from 1982 to 1993.

Joe Jacoby Wallpaper

This is a mobile friendly 1080×1920 wallpaper for you.

Just click on the image to open the full sized image in a new window, and download it to your mobile.

Did you know that Jacoby only got the tryout because the legendary Joe Gibbs thought he was a defensive lineman? They had 18 offensive linemen at training camp that year!

A giant raw-talented rookie free agent, Jacoby walked into Coach Gibbs office looking for a job. Gibbs, figuring Jacoby was a defensive tackle, because of his size, agreed to give him a chance.

Apparently it didn’t sit well with Gibbs that Bugel hadn’t corrected the error and allowed Jacoby to come to camp with 17 other offensive linemen.

Read that and more, on Jacoby’s Profile Page.

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There is a great quote from Jacoby on John Riggins.

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