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Commanders Flexing Legal Muscles In Ticket Scandal

By Mark Solway | April 5th, 2022

The Washington Commanders have taken the opportunity to flex their legal muscles and try to beat down the latest ticket revenue scandal. Or so it seems. The latest public statement from the organization is making its rounds today, and once again, the public perception of it appears less than favorable.

“In America, it’s about how much justice you can afford.” – O.J. Simpson.

It’s unfortunate who the source is, but it is a very accurate legal statement. And who knows it better than O.J.?

Perhaps Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder. He is surely one of the most litigious individuals in the history of football.

How many lawyers are on his payroll? How many lawsuits is he a part of?

Big Wheel

Today, one of those lawyers – Joseph Tacopina – issued a statement about the most recent ticket revenue allegations, and their source.

Tacopina is a top notch attorney whose law firm “Tacopina Seigel and DeOreo” is based in Manhattan. He has represented other high profile people like Meek Mill, Jay Z, Alex Rodriguez, and Michael Jackson.

He also represented Dan Snyder in 2020, and raised conspiracy questions with another defamation suit against India-based company Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. They had alleged that Snyder had personal involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

“The Commanders did not reference Mr. Friedman – or anyone else – by name in their statement. However, if Mr. Friedman believes he has been defamed, he should bring a defamation suit. The Commanders will gladly accept service and vigorously defend any such claim.”

Is it intentional that this comes off as the equivalent of legal bullying?

Also, can the opposite be said?

If Dan Snyder’s legal team feel that he has been defamed, couldn’t they bring a defamation suit as well?

Or is this just a big flex to try and beat back everyone involved?

After all, he’s a high profile, successful lawyer, and nobody likes thinking that they have to win that war.

Public Relations

Do the Washington Commanders have anybody – anybody at all – that advises them about public relations? As in, someone who might say to them, “Hey this might not be received too well by the general public?”

Or do they just not care?

The average individual sees a quote like the one made by Tacopina, and might think that the legal flex makes the team look more guilty, not more innocent. 

Regardless of where the truth lies, the constant barrage of negativity really seems to be taking it’s toll on the fan base.

It’s the off-season, and so far the down time has been littered with nothing but legal issues, a lack of free agency moves, and a host of bad press.

When is enough, enough?

It’s just a football team after all. It’s supposed to be a positive distraction in a fan’s existence.

Not a constant source of embarrassment.



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