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When Washington announced earlier this week that they had a new patch to commemorate the franchise’s 90th season, they also released a list of names that fans would be able to choose from, to have a new 90 Greatest list.

Originally in 2002, Washington came up with 70 players on the 70th Anniversary, that comprised the first Greatest list. In 2012, they added 10 more players to commemorate the 80th Anniversary.

Of course it stands to reason that in 2022, 10 players will again be added to the annuls of Washington history, and take their place on the 90 Greatest.

90 Greatest splash

So the Commanders released a list that included the following players and coaches: Champ Bailey, Chris Cooley, Kirk Cousins, Stephen Davis, London Fletcher, Darryl Grant, DeAngelo Hall, Ryan Kerrigan, Joe Lavender, Chip Lohmiller, Alfred Morris, Santana Moss, Larry Peccatiello (coach), Mike Sellers, and Lavern Torgeson (coach).

Fifteen players and/or coaches that fans were apparently going to be able to choose ten of to decide the new additions.


The fans first order of business seemed to be to lament that Trent Williams wasn’t on the list of choices.

“That’s not fair.”

“What a B.S. list!”

“Obviously they are punishing Trent for how he left the club.”

Those are actual tweets, though the sources aren’t cited because there were literally hundreds of similar ideas expressed.

Given that Williams made seven Pro Bowls between 2010 and 2019, it’s certainly fair to cry foul in some regards. Regardless of the way he departed, it would be hard to argue his importance to this team when he was here.

“We Listened!”

So soon after, Washington announced that they, “Had listened,” and were adding a couple of names to the list that fans could choose from.

The aforementioned Williams… and Robert Griffin III.

Were people complaining RGIII wasn’t on the list?

More than a few people didn’t think he had any business on the list. Maybe there’s some sour grapes there for some fans, but they don’t have to put him on their list of ten choices if they don’t believe that he belongs.

It’s hard to call a guy who won the Offensive Rookie of the Year honors a bust, he certainly ended up being a disappointment. He never was able to capture the magic again after that first season in 2012. Was it the injury? Was it teams wisening up? The world will never know. But his rookie season was the only season that RGIII got fans up out of their seats unfortunately.

He did lead Washington to their first NFC East title in 13 years. Maybe that’s the reason he ended up making the list.

And Then There Were Seventeen

So now Washington fans have 17 names to choose their 10 from. 

Because, they listened.

Why provide a list at all? Why not just let fans submit the names of ten guys they think should be included in the 90 Greatest?

Regardless of how it got to this point, 10 names will be chosen.

Ten players will be joining 80 other Washington players on the heralded list.

90 Greatest

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