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Wallpaper Wednesday: Daron Payne Mobile Wallpaper

By Mark Solway | October 26th, 2022

Today’s wallpaper subject is Daron Payne. After all, not only has the defense improved over the last few weeks, but Payne has been a bright spot for the entire season.

The only question mark surrounding Payne these days, is will he be in Washington next year?

Since he is in the final year of his rookie contract, there is the danger that he walks through free agency.

Washington still has the franchise tag option. It’s an expensive option, but given the way Payne has played, it might be well worth the money. Together with Jonathan Allen, the two have masked a lot of mediocre play from the defense, with their own considerable efforts.

Trade Winds

There is even talk of him being traded, but that’s a by-product of his contract expiring, and idle speculation. Just because teams have “expressed interest” in him, doesn’t make him available. Recent rumors cite a “second day pick” as the necessary trade bait for Payne.

If you’re Washington, why would you consider anything less than a first round pick?

There’s certainly no value in a third round pick. Washington would in all likelihood pick up a Compensatory third round pick, if he did go elsewhere through free agency.

The trade is made even less likely by the injury that rookie Phidarian Mathis suffered. While he may have been considered a potential replacement for Payne, he wasn’t really in the lineup long enough to even make that determination.


The 6’3″ 320 pound defensive tackle is now in his fifth season – all of them in Washington obviously. Payne was drafted out of Alabama by Washington in the first round of the 2018 draft.

The 25-year old has registered 3.5 sacks this season, and 18 in his career. His 24 tackles in 2022 give him 231 total in the NFL.

He also logged his first safety this year, after swallowing up Eagles’ running back Boston Scott in the end zone.

The statistics don’t really tell the tale of what a disruptive force he is. He constantly forces the action with penetration into the backfield. His motor doesn’t stop.

He is also consistent. He rarely (if ever) has a bad game.

Daron Payne is a beast.

Daron Payne Mobile Wallpaper


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