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Is Dan Snyder Really Going To Finally Sell The Team?

By Mark Solway | November 3rd, 2022

The big buzz in the world of sports on Wednesday, was that Daniel Snyder may finally have reached his tipping point. Forbes magazine reported that the controversial owner had hired Bank of America to explore the selling of the Washington Commanders.

Marred by controversy after controversy, Snyder is likely the most litigious owner in the history of sports ownership. He might also be the most hated.

After finally caving in a long-standing fight over the team’s name, Snyder was then slapped with allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct, and a Congressional investigation into financial misdoings.

It’s been a long line of transgressions leading up to this point. Is it finally here? Is the owner finally caving after years of pressure from the fan base? Is it because of the recent blow back from the NFL?

Is he selling the team at all?

The statement issued by the team is certainly less than clear as to wether Snyder is selling the team, or just a “minority stake” in it.

“Dan and Tanya Snyder and the Washington Commanders announced today they have hired BofA Securities to consider potential transactions.

The Snyders remain committed to the team, all of its employees and the countless fans to putting the best product on the field and continuing to set the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL.”

Commanders Statement On Team Sale

Truthfully, an outside influx of money might make landing a new stadium a little easier for Snyder. So it is possible that all of this, is just smoke and mirrors to sell a piece of the franchise.

Even the Forbes article hedged that bet:

“According to a person familiar with the process, Snyder already has at least four calls from groups interested in buying the team. Snyder and his bankers are exploring all options, and a transaction could be for the entire NFL team or a minority stake.”

Location, Location, Location

Ironically, if Snyder DID sell the team, it would likely bring the RFK site back into play for a new stadium.

Finding a stadium location is a big deal. It may even be a large part of reason for the recent flex from the league.

A whole article could – and would – be written about how beneficial building a new stadium on the RFK grounds could be. Not to mention that it would seem poetic given all that has transpired in the last 25 years or so.

So will Washington see just the fourth owner in team history? The first Ninety years have yielded just three men – the controversial George Preston Marshall, the flamboyant Jack Kent Cooke, and of course, Dan Snyder.

Want To Buy A Team?

If the Commanders are on the market, they would become the fifth major league sports team that is potentially up for grabs.

Washington would be the most valuable at an estimated worth of $5.6 billion. They would also be the second in Washington, as the Washington Nationals are available for around $2.25 billion.

The other three teams are MLB’s Los Angeles Angels ($2.5 billion), the NBA’s Phoenix Suns ($1.92 billion) and the NHL’s Ottawa Senators ($655 million).

Jeff Bezos is a potential owner whose name is batted around a lot. He owns the Washington Post already. It’s hard to say wether that makes him a more or less likely suitor.

Warren Buffett is said to have been interested in buying the team in the past. Is he still a possibility at 92-years old?

Those are two of the five richest men on the planet.

It takes some pretty deep pockets to buy a National Football League team.

Who would you pick?

Billionaire Buyers Club

Are you singing yet?

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