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That Jonathan Allen Guy, Is More Than Just A Pro Bowler

By Mark Solway | December 17th, 2022

Jonathan Allen is the undisputed leader of the current Washington Commanders football team. It isn’t even really a contest. That isn’t to say that there aren’t other guys that take on leadership roles, but nobody moreso than the sixth year defensive tackle.

Looking for an opinion from a player after the game? He’s the go-to-guy.

Need a dose of reality at any point in the NFL season? Again, look no further.

He has become the de facto team spokesperson, and it is a role that he has filled quite admirably. He always backs his team mates, and he wears the burgundy and gold colors with pride.

Jonathan Allen splash pic

Fans only get to see him a few hours a week and when the spotlight is on. But it seems quite obvious from the way his team mates revere him, that he is “on” all the time. That he is genuine beyond what words can describe.

He is the team captain for good reason.

“He’s a pro’s pro,” said Taylor Heinicke.

On The Field

The first thing any fan, coach or critic is going to look at, is how a guy plays football.

In his sixth NFL season, Allen is certainly among the league’s very best at his position. He’s one of the most disruptive forces in the entire NFL. There are games that it seems that he is is in the backfield on every single play.  On Sunday, he had eight tackles against the New York Giants.

Part of the reason that Washington have taken some grace on Chase Young’s recovery time, is because the defensive line has played so well. Especially Allen. There has been no need to rush Young back because week in and week out, the defensive line is the most consistently sound unit for the Commanders. It’s not even really close. They have been so good, that at times they have masked other shortcomings.

Allen has 7.5 sacks this year, just 1.5 short of his career best. With four games to go, it seems likely he will surpass that and have his best sack season ever in 2022.

Together with Daron Payne, the pair have become perhaps the most fearsome pair of defensive tackles in the league. For long time Washington fans, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the days of Darryl Grant and Dave Butz. Not since then, have two men wreaked the havoc that first round picks Allen and Payne have.

Pro Bowl bound for Allen?


At this point, it would seem that he’s worthy of First Team All Pro selection as well. Something that hasn’t happened much in Washington in the last 30 years.

Off The Field

While he often appears to be a very intense individual, there is plenty to suggest that he’s just an all around good guy.

Just last week, the Washington Post ran a piece that detailed how Allen had once helped former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley to move:

Years ago, when Allen was still playing college ball at Alabama, Turner was at the house of former Washington tight end Chris Cooley, who was in the process of moving. They had some massive couches and needed help. Turner called Allen, whom Cooley had known since his days playing at nearby Stone Bridge High. So here came a star defensive player at the country’s most prominent college football program to haul furniture, anonymously and diligently.

“He’s willing to do anything — to the point of him helping me move,” said Captain Chaos. “He didn’t have to help me move. It wasn’t because I was Chris Cooley. It’s because that’s who Jonathan Allen is.”

What that is, is a genuinely good person.

Take for example, a simple tweet that he made last week.

“I’m giving out some tickets right now! Retweet this tweet and tell me how big of a Commanders fan you are! #ProBowlVote”

It’s easy to look at the tweet and dismiss it as an attempt to garner some Pro Bowl love.

But two things:

  • He’s going to the Pro Bowl no matter what. Every pundit in the league knows what a stud he has been this season.
  • It’s not the original tweet that shows his shine. Go through the thread and look and see just how many tickets Jonathan Allen is going to be buying. Look at how many people he has interacted with and offered his thanks to.

It’s all genuine. It’s not some put on to impress somebody. He didn’t need to reach out to the fan base – he just did.

He just truly gets it.

The guy appreciates what he is, what he has, and what his (considerable) role is.

Washington fans should do the same.

Jonathan Allen is the kind of player that doesn’t come along very often.

And we’re darn lucky to have him.

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