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7 PRO Tips for DayZ You Probably Don’t Know

By Mark Solway | January 16th, 2023

DayZ is a survival video game released for PCs in December 2018. The game’s theme is set in fictitious Chernarus, a post-Soviet republic. A mysterious disease with plague-like symptoms has turned the population into “infected” zombies. Being a multiplayer game, there may be other players participating in the game at the same time.

The idea is to outlive the contagion, and to aid in this endeavor; the player must equip himself with the right tools and tactics. But it must be remembered that the gamer is not considered superhuman, and there are limits to his physical and mental endurance. There are tools and equipment that can enhance the survivability of the player in a hostile environment.

Discussed at length are seven of the most valuable tips that a player can use in DayZ that people would not be aware of or that they take relatively lightly.

1. Memorize Where the Loots Are Located in Chernarus

Players make the common mistake of not making enough effort to memorize where the loot is in the town of Chernarus. Otherwise, valuable time could be lost by the player locating what is required to be carried with him. This gives other players and the infected zombies time to find and kill him when the defenses are still not up to the mark.

The most critical point would be to memorize where the places with the most valuable tools are located. Thus, the gamer can set out right away to gather as many of the devices as would be possible before encountering any zombies or other players.

2. There Are Some Key Items

The fact is that some of the loot is more important and key to survival when compared to others. It is essential to understand the concept of critical items and to gather them as soon as the game begins. The procession of these key items significantly affects the player’s survival.

The Piano house must be where the search for items must begin. It does contain a treasure trove of things, and at the start of the game, the player would not be exhausted to carry out as much loot as possible.

3. Keeping A Low Profile

Some activities, like firing a shotgun, are bound to call attention to the player. Gamers must do such acts only after ensuring that no one is hostile within earshot. The key to survival in the game is keeping a profile as low as possible. Make movements without attracting much attention to the player.

4. Keep An Eye for The Stats

Displayed right at the top of the screen is the stats bar. It gives a reading on the health status of the gamer as with other key performance parameters. Players often get caught up in action and must be reminded to keep a keen eye on the stats. It could be the most crucial mistake people make while playing the game of DayZ.

5. Understand The Importance of Reconnaissance

When entering a space for the first time, conducting a recce of the surroundings is advisable before making the final move into the place. Often there are tell-tale signs around a location that points to what is to be found inside while making an entry. This is a crucial move and must never be ignored. People have taken advantage of the survey to prevent unpleasant surprises from turning on them.

6. Avoid High Traffic Spaces

It is tempting to attempt to move into high-traffic locations as that is where all the action is. But it must be remembered that these places would also have other players moving about them. So, in the initial stages, it is best to conserve the tools you have and your health by avoiding such areas

7. Using Cheats or Hacks

Like most PC games, it is possible to find cheats that help the player get an advantage over the other competing players. Undetected DayZ cheats are one of the common ways to get ahead in the game and can be purchased at a nominal sum. Players are placed at an advantage when using cheats like these.


The DayZ game is one of the most mentally demanding PC games released recently. Cheats that allow the player an unfair advantage should be used to retain an interest in completing the game and scoring over other players. Most frauds are so well designed that it makes it virtually impossible to detect that a hack has been deployed.

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