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According to NBC Sports Washington, the sale of the Washington Commanders, “will be over soon.” According to whom, you may ask? Well there weren’t any sources actually listed for the claim, but apparently it will be done, “As soon as March.”

Does making it plural and stating that “sources” are making the claim, somehow make it more official?

Is this really much of a news item?

So a sale COULD / SHOULD happen as soon as March?


Old News

Wasn’t that the original concensus back in November when the story that Dan Snyder might actually be considering selling the team , first broke?

After all, the new league year starts March 15th, and surely it’s in everyone’s best interests for Washington to fully participate in free agency when it opens on that day.

It’s also the annual league meeting at the end of March and it would seem prudent to try and get new ownership installed by then.

Pretty much everyone with a pulse and an interest in football could make the “bold” prediction that some unnamed source has said that the team will be sold by March.

Not Bezos

Though originally considered a candidate to buy the team, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos doesn’t appear to be in the running. He has not as of yet submitted an official bid. He does seem a good candidate because of his infinitely deep pockets.

However, would Dan Snyder really sell the team to the guy that owns the newspaper that is responsible for slinging ten times more mud at him than anybody else? Bezos of course owns the Washington Post. There is definitely a contentious relationship between the paper and Washington’s owner. It existed before Bezos bought the Post, but it hasn’t let up since he did either.

That isn’t to say that the Amazon tycoon couldn’t still get in on the act, but so far, he’s not in the hunt.

Front Runner

Who is the front runner then?

Nobody really knows.

It has been widely speculated that D.C. native Josh Harris might be though. He currently owns the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and reportedly was prepared to pay $5 billion for the Denver Broncos earlier this year. His group apparently bailed on the Broncos deal rather than get into a bidding war with the Walmart fortune. The Walton-Penner group obviously won the Broncos bid, but apparently Harris was content to wait for another opportunity.

Could it be the Commanders?

Jones Chimes In

Earlier this week in USA Today, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tossed a few shots across Snyder’s bough.

“He’s got the perfect storm. If he decided to move on, who could possibly blame him? Or her? On top of that, he’s not the most beloved guy around, which I guess I might identify with a bit, too.”

Jones went on to add, “Is he worth me taking a sword? He’s not Al Davis. For me, he’s not.”

The Cowboys owner is sticking to his guns that his relationship with Snyder is sound, and that his main concern is with the NFL’s ‘long-term financial growth’.

Wether that’s really the case, or he is upset with Snyder’s alleged statement that he, “had dirt on Jerry Jones,” will likely never be known for sure.

Sweepstakes Winner?

Speculation on Washington’s new owner will likely only increase as the time draws nearer. But it IS just speculation.

Who the winner is going to be, will likely only be known when that winner is announced.

Do you know who will definitely be a winner?

Every single fan that has supported the Washington Redskins / Football Team / Commanders during the entire Dan Snyder reign of terror.

That’s who the real winners will be.

Bye Dan

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