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As I wrote earlier in May, the NFL offseason seems to grow shorter and shorter as time go by; however, there is still an offseason. And that leaves some time to grow out areas of this website that I am passionate about – like the History section.

Building up the history section of this website is just part of every offseason. I try to add to the resources that this site provides, as it gets harder and harder to find some of these history elements in some cases.

So there are four new pages in the History section that I want to draw Joe Q. Reader’s attention to, and there may be a couple more before the offseason is out:

Washington Uniform History

Obviously the look and feel of the Washington franchise has been the subject of much conjecture and change over the last few years. After ll, the organization is technically on it’s third different team name and branding in the last few years.

So I added the Washington Football Helmet And Uniform History page to both commemorate the old looks, and to embrace the new.

It makes a good companion (hopefully) to the Washington Commanders Logo History  that was already in the History section.

Washington Hall of Fame Players

Obviously there was already the 90 Greatest Washington Players In Franchise History page, but how about the players that have actually been recognized by the league, and enshrined in the sacred halls of Canton? There are 32 such Washington Hall of Fame players, although some of them were not enshrined as Redskins – but did spend time here.

There are some great players that SHOULD be enshrined as well but that’s a conversation for another day.

This section really just lists these players and their tenures in Washington, but also provides links to their biographies on the Pro Football Hall of Fame site.

How many can you name without looking?

No cheating.

Washington Individual, Team and NFL Records

I was actually kind of surprised that I didn’t already have a records page. It’s likely because it is daunting to try and find them all. The list of individual records by career, single season, and single game is fairly complete. There are likely a few missing, but all the main ones should be there.

There are still many more team records for me to add to the section, and I’m sure that there are NFL records not yet listed too. I will add them as I find them and if you know of any that are missing, please feel free to message me on Twitter. It IS appreciated.

Tony K’s Bandwagon Articles

Before Tony Kornheiser was doing Pardon The Interruption, he was a great sports writer for the Washington Post. He was a much better writer than he is a football TV pundit.

In 1991, he started a column called The Bandwagon, that was an excellent tongue-in-cheek weekly column about a Redskins season that would go on to not only be arguably the best season ever for a Washington team, but one of the most dominant seasons by any NFL team.

It gets harder and harder to find things on the Washington Post website, so I thought I’d create an archive of links in the history section in case one day it becomes impossible. The articles have all been archived by the Wayback Machine too if that does in fact happen, and I will switch the links on the page to those if need be.


Earlier this offseason, I added a bunch of legends profiles. These may not be full on A&E Biographies on the players, but they do at least talk a bit about the player’s time in Washington as well as going into some of their accomplishments football-wise. They often touch on what the player did off the field too.

Here is a list of the players that were added to the existing list:

Joe Bugel | Dave Butz | Joe Gibbs | Darrell Green | Ken Houston | Vince Lombardi | Dexter Manley | Mark Moseley | Jerry Smith |

I also expanded my profiles on The Hogs – as they were the inspiration for me to start this site in the first place:

Jeff BosticJim Lachey | Mark May | Raleigh McKenzie | Mark Schlereth | George Starke | Doc Walker | Don Warren

Where To Look

All of these new pages can be found in the links in the top navigation of the desktop version of the website under either the History section or the exclusive section on The Hogs. They should also be available on the mobile version of the site as well in the main menu.


Up next for the site, will be a comprehensive list of Top 5’s by position. I may even expand these to include videos that I post on both YouTube and Tik Tok. So please stay tuned fellow Washington fans.

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