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Wallpaper Wednesday: 2023 Schedule Wallpapers!

Wallpapers Washington Commanders

Welcome to the first #WallpaperWednesday of the 2023 NFL regular season. For near on twenty straight seasons, this site has created schedule wallpapers for Washington fans.

Back in the day, those wallpapers were created at 800×600 pixels to suit the “modern desktop”.  This season all of the wallpapers will be at 1920×1080 resolution for the desktop ones, and 1080×1920 for the mobile wallpapers.

Desktop Schedule Wallpaper – Sam Howell

The first 2023 schedule wallpaper features Sam Howell. After all, he is arguably the single most important factor in Washington having a successful 2023 season. Is that a lot of pressure to put on the second year quarterback? Absolutely. Can he handle it? Time will tell, but so far, it looks like it.

He has done everything correctly to date. He looked good in his only game last year against the Dallas Cowboys, albeit against a slightly lesser line-up as the Cowboys sat players for the playoffs.

Howell has also looked very good in both of his preseasons. Obviously that doesn’t always translate to success in the regular season, but he’s looked good in every game he has played.

So far his only “major drawback” and sin, is that he was drafted in the fifth round.

And while historically that usually doesn’t equate to success, the detractors rarely ever mention that the best quarterback of all-time – Tom Brady – was drafted later than that. Brady was drafted in the 6th round – 199th overall – 55 places behind Howell’s 144th overall.

That isn’t at all to suggest that Howell is the next TB12, just that it is not a foregone conclusion that Howell won’t be successful due to his draft slot.

Sam Howell Schedule Wallpaper


Just click on the image to open the full sized 1920×1080 wallpaper.

Download the file to your desktop and enjoy!

Mobile Schedule Wallpaper – Brian Robinson

The 2023 Mobile Schedule wallpaper features Brian Robinson Jr.

The second year running back enjoyed a very successful 2022 campaign – especially considering he got shot in the leg right before the season!! The young man showed incredible toughness and resilience fighting his way back into the lineup so quickly.

Robinson finished the season with 797 yards rushing on 205 carries, and in just 12 games. He had two rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown.

Brian Robinson wallpaper

Just click on the image to open the full sized 1080×1920 wallpaper.

Download the file to your mobile device and enjoy!


There will be a new wallpaper every Wednesday from now until the end of the regular season, so be sure to check back!

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2022 Schedule Wallpapers: Brian Robinson Jr. And Terry McLaurin

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