Archive Of Old THN Photo Galleries

Welcome to our photo archive. Here you will find photos – at Redskins events, at training camp, of the Hogettes, and more – and going back almost 20 years. There is also a gallery dedicated to people that are members of this site, the THN Family.

This archive was created to try and make sure these photos stay on the web. That may seem silly in an age where EVERYTHING is photographed and video’d, but that wasn’t always the case. Most of these photos pre-date Facebook! Just click on a link to be taken to the full gallery for that category.

Lost In The Shuffle

These photos were transferred from an old, archaic gallery system, and many things were lost in the re-vamp. It was necessary to move them into the blog software though, to ensure their long term availability. So the people who were there, and enjoyed themselves with the site, can enjoy the memories for many more years to come.

There are some great photos in here. Have a look around.

Did You Know?

This site was originally STARTED solely to post some pictures from a Yahoo mailing list, of the 2002 Washington Training Camp. I was just learning web design at the time, and I offered to post the photos if they wanted to send them to me. That’s how the website was born. You can learn more about it on the 2002 Training Camp Photos Page.

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