2011 Hognostications Week 17 – Championship Week!

Congrats to our week 16 winner, SkinsJock, with a very impressive 14-2 record. Rounding out the top five are: Hoss, andyjens89, Warmother and Redskin in Canada all with a 12-4 record.

This will be the final week before we crown our 2011 Hognostication Champion. It is still any one’s to win! Good luck my friends.

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2011 Hognostications Week 15

Congratulations to week 14 winner, Hoss, for an impressive 13-3 record. Rounding out the top four were: DesertSkin at 13-3, SkinsJock and vwoodzpusha both with 12-4. Congrats fellas!!!!

The race has tightened and the mighty DarthMonk had an unusual off week. Still could be any one’s to win with three weeks left!! Bring your “A” game!!!!!!

Season Standings:

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2011 Hognostications Week 14

Congratulations to our week 13 winner, DarthMonk, with a 12-4 record! Week in and week out, DarthMonk has proven to be a true Hognosticator!!! Rounding out the top five were: Punu at 11-5, KazooSkinsFan, Deadskins and 1niksder each with a 10-6 record. Congrats everyone!!

There are only four weeks left until we crown our new champion, so bring you “A” game fellas!!!

Season Standings after Week 13:

DarthMonk 130-62

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2011 Hognostications Week 13

Congratulations to our week 12 winner, DarthMonk, with a very impressive 15-1 record!! DarthMonk is slowly pulling ahead but there are still five weeks left. Rounding out the top 4 were: Redskin in Canada, BigRedskinsDaddy and tribeofjudah all with a 14-2 record. Good job everyone!

Season Standings after Week 12:

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2011 Hognostications Week 11

Congratulations to our week 10 winner, DarthMonk, with an impressive 10-6 record after a very tough week! Rounding out the top 5 were: Redskin in Canada, vwoodzpusha, MDSKINSFAN and BigRedskinDaddy all with the same 9-7 record. Good job fellas!!

Keep an eye on the standings for there have been many changes, but it is still any one’s to win.

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2011 Hognostications Week 10

Congratulations to our week 9 winner, REDEEMEDSKIN, with a record of 9-5. Keep in mind he beat out the 2nd place winner by picking against the Redskins. Rounding out the top 3 was: tribeofjudah at 9-5 and 1niksder at 8-6. Good job tribe and 1niksder!!!!

Season Standings after Week 9:

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2011 Hognostications Week 7

Congratulations to our week 6 winner, DesertSkin, with a 10-3 record!! Rounding out the top 6 are: BigRedskinDaddy, ChrisHanburger, SAP_Pete, Redskin in Canada and tribeofjudah all with the same 10-3 record!! Congrats fellas!!

Season Standings:

andyjens89 64-26
Warmother 64-26

Hoss 63-27
Redskin in Canada 63-27
BigRedskinDaddy 62-28
DarthMonk 62-28
DesertSkin 62-28
KazooSkinsFan 62-28

tribeofjudah 60-30
Countertrey 59-31
SkinsJock 59-31

vwoodzpusha 58-32

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