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Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin Still In Critical Condition

In what was perhaps the scariest moment in NFL history, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field during the Monday Night Football broadcast. Players on both teams stood mouths agape – many in tears – as Hamlin had CPR performed on him.

It was like nothing any National Football League game had ever seen.  The thousands in attendance in Cincinnati, as well as millions watching around the globe, all held their collective breaths in disbelief about what was unfolding before them.

Hamlin remained on the field for half an hour before he was whisked away in the ambulance. He remained in critical condition at the hospital overnight.

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THN Ranked Number Three

In the September 4, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated, the editors of the illustrious magazine selected www.theHogs.net as the third best Washington Redskins news media outlet available on the web.

The sports media giant ranked the outlets as part of their 2006 NFL Preview. The top four news providers were listed, in order of quality as decided by the editors, for each team, as well as a place for fans to vote for the best fan site. SI ranked THN third behind the Washington Post and the Washington Times. The team’s official site was ranked fourth.

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Press Release: THN Gives Back

THN traveled to the Rehoboth Beach Country Club in Delaware, where we teamed up with the Hogettes and former Redskins’ greats Reggie Branch, Brian Mitchell, Raleigh McKenzie, Ed Simmons, Clarence Vaughn, Ravin Caldwell and Dave Harbour. While many of the ex-Redskins looked like they could still tee it up on the football field, today they teed it up on the on the golf course to raise money for the Touchdown for Kids Foundation. The tournament was hosted by Reggie Branch, who owns The Starboard Restaurant and Bar in nearby Dewey Beach, Delaware. Branch also announced that he is starting his own football camp in Orlando were he lives part-time.

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Irresponsible Journalism

What on earth is wrong with the world of sports journalism? Can we even call it journalism anymore? We live in the age of technology, which is an exciting thing, so why then is this potential for information being choked by irresponsibility?

I understand the value of shock journalism and the idealism of negativity being a popular read, but when is enough finally enough? When do you pass the point of journalism and dip into the realm of sensationalism? How many ‘passes’ do you get on being ‘right’ in the world of sports writing?

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As the country prepares to pay their respects to those who have fought to secure our freedoms I would also like to join them in thanking not only those whom have passed but also those who continue to protect our freedoms today. In addition to the brave men and women of the armed forces, I would also like to offer thanks to the men and women of the nation’s police and law enforcement agencies. At a time when our country is at war, the focus is easily drawn to the very deserving group of folks who serve in our country’s military and it seems easy to overlook the work done by those who put their life on the line everyday with little fanfare (which would be unwanted anyways).

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Online transcript from the Washington Post

Yesterday, theHogs.net was online live at the Washington Post for a chat. It was very thrilling to be asked, and we are grateful to the Post for both thinking of us and giving us the opportunity.

Mark Solway (BossHog) fielded questions from many Redskin fans and did his best to provide a fan’s perspective.

Here is the transcript:

Bel Air, Md.: Hey Boss Hog!

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Ken Harvey Football Fan Classic

Saturday, July 26th, 2003 marked the proudest day of this website’s short history. Melanie Pierce, the marketing director for Ken Harvey’s marketing company JAKA and for the Redskin Alumni, invited us to help with the Football Fan Classic that was being put on at Splashdown Park in Manassas, Virginia. So BossHog, NewsHog, Scooter, and the Wingman all headed to the event not really knowing what to expect. It would be the first time that the core group of staff had ever met. We travelled a combined total of over 3000 miles to make it happen.

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