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Loser Papers: 2021 Edition VI – WFT Upends The Raiders

Welcome to the fourth straight week of Loser Papers! What a fantastic roll the Washington Football Team have been on since their Bye Week. All looked pretty much lost in the 2021 season at that point. Washington were 2-6, and had a tough slate of games ahead of them. Then boom! Four wins in a row.

This week, the game came down to a final second kick, by a brand new kicker. Does it get any more nail-biting than that? Brian Johnson kicked a 48-yard field goal with just 42 seconds left in the game with the Las Vegas Raiders, to steal the victory at Allegiant Field.

The loss dropped the Raiders to the same 6-6 record as Washington, but put them on the outside of the AFC playoff hunt to start Week 14. Conversely, Washington moved up into the NFC’s 6th seed position, by virtue of their win.

Here are some of the hyperbolic things that the “Loser Papers” had to say…

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Loser Papers

Loser Papers: 2021 Edition V – WFT Over Seattle

The Washington Football Team won their third straight game to move to 5-6, and into the NFC Wild Card picture. Washington’s narrow 17-15 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night came right down to the wire.

Seattle had the opportunity to tie the game in the waning moments, but Kendall Fuller intercepted the two-point conversion that could have evened the score.

Washington’s cause was further aided by a penalty on the following kickoff, that negated a successful Seattle onside kick.

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Loser Papers

Loser Papers: 2021 Edition IV – WFT Over Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers had their Cam Newton homecoming dreams dashed, by the Washington Football team’s second consecutive victory. That makes it the second week in a row for Loser Papers!! Congrats to the team on another gutsy victory.

Loser Papers aims to hunt down some hyperbolic words posted by the WFT opposition’s media following a Washington win.

Here we go!

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Loser Papers: 2021 Edition III – WFT Over Tampa Bay Bucs

It’s been a while since there has been an edition of Loser Papers here at THN. It’s a long story as to why – we were offline for a minute.

We’ve always enjoyed having a look at some of the funny things that get written in the press the day after a team is beaten by Washington. It’s harder and harder to call it “Loser Papers” because often there are no newspapers in that market anymore!!!

Still, we endeavour to find funny, often dire things said about the competition when they lose to Washington.

Here are a few examples from this week’s third win of the season:


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The Loser Papers – 2018 Edition VII

Did we win? When our last edition was published, the Redskins boasted a 2 game lead on the rest of the division, and a QB who, while not able to throw the long ball, was an efficient game manager, able to take what the defense gave and put a check in the win column. That seems like a year ago now, and while the Skins are not mathematically eliminated, they certainly seem to be circling the drain. To tell the truth, the editors here at TLP debated whether to even publish this edition. But here we are, bringing you, our faithful readers, a story from The Florida Times-Union:

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The Loser Papers – 2018 Edition VI

With the victory over the Bucs, the Skins took a two game lead over the rest of the division, despite devastating injuries along the offensive line. Although they gave up ample yardage, the defense stiffened in the red zone, and took the ball away four times. Surely, this was a game this Tampa Bay team should have won. Let’s find out from The Tampa Bay Times what happened:

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The Loser Papers – 2018 Edition V

Wow, this season is becoming fun, albeit a lot of work for the editors of TLP. Back to back divisional wins have been rare in recent history, and sacking Sheli Manning 7 times in a great defensive effort, seemingly even rarer. How great was it to see the sad sack QB pouting hit after hit?

Along with the stellar defensive play, the resurgence of Adrian Peterson made this the editors favorite game of the season. To celebrate, we bring our loyal readers a trifecta of NY newspaper articles. The first comes from the pages of The New York Daily News:

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The Loser Papers – 2018 Edition IV

The sweetest job the editors of TLP have is to publish issues from the scumbag town of Dallas. It makes us downright giddy. You can’t fool us, that caravan of folks coming up from South America is marching to Arlington to see their favorite team. Before the game ended with a resounding DOINK, the Redskins were thoroughly outplaying the Cowchips, though it wasn’t reflected on the scoreboard. But how did justice prevail?

Let’s find out from The Dallas Morning News.

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The Loser Papers – 2018 Edition III

How did it get to be Thursday so fast? The editors apologize for the lateness of this edition, our typesetter called in sick the first part of the week. Anyhoo, let’s get right to the fun.

Today’s edition features two articles from the Charlotte Observer:

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