Sun Tzu Week 16: The Eagles’ Strike

Ah, Shaolin Redskins fans–it was not to be. Our troops went to battle, but they were not strong enough to carry the field. It was not their day–nor, indeed, was this the year of the burgundy and gold army. As the winter snows settle in on the shoulders of my mountain, it is a time for contemplation.

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Sun Tzu Week 15: Wrestling with the Bears

Seasons greetings, Shaolin Redskins fans. I wish I could write to you of our resounding triumph, but alas, it was not meant to be. We fought well in the swirling wind, but it was not enough–our defense was not enough–to gain us the victory. And now here I sit outside my simple mountaintop cottage, in the keening wind, and hope for one last triumph.

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Sun Tzu Week 13: They Might Not Be Giants

Greetings and salutations, Shaolin Redskins fans! It is a few days since our troops returned triumphant from the icy battlefields of the northeast, but the joy at their victory has not abated. Though we huddle around our small fires, we are warmed by their success!

It is *most* pleasing when the Ol’ Ball Coach once again instructs others in the lessons he has learned from Master Sun Tzu. Let us see what he taught to his foes this week:

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Sun Tzu Week 12: The Saints Came Marching In

Greetings, Shaolin Redskins fans. What a week it’s been–highs and lows, joy and pain, eating to excess, and then the highs, lows, joy, and pain of watching our burgundy and gold soldiers return once again in defeat.

It is in trial that life teaches us the most lessons, and unfortunately for the Ol’ Ball Coach, these past two months have been spent learning instead of teaching. But he as always can be open to the lessons of the masters, particularly those of Master Sun Tzu.

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Sun Tzu Week 10: Bitten by the Panthers

Ah, Shaolin Redskins fans–it was not meant to be! Our gritty army, arrayed in its burgundy and gold, came close to defeating a foe that had beaten almost all its opponents. Alas, we could not pull it out in the end–or so the judges decided.

In any case, controversy aside, this contest was an opportunity for the Ol’ Ball Coach to learn some more lessons from Master Sun Tzu. Let us see what this week showed him:

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Sun Tzu Week 9: The Seahawks Brought to Roost

Good day, Shaolin Redskins fans! It is a glorious morning indeed, with our army returning triumphant from the field of battle and the sun splashing burgundy and gold stripes across the dawning sky.

It was a curious week for the Ol’ Ball Coach, one in which he seems to have learned some lessons about leading his troops–and in turn imparted some lessons of his own–lessons he learned from the master, Sun Tzu.

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Sun Tzu Week 8: Deja Vu in Dallas

Ah, Shaolin Redskins fans–the tempest is blowing prodigiously in my little mountain valley. It’s as if the gods themselves are irate at the way our army failed to acquit themselves against their greatest enemies. Lightening, thunder, hail, rain–will it end? Will the tempest around our army eventually calm? Or will the army scatter and its pieces blow away on the wind?

The Ol’ Ball Coach was schooled many ways this week in the lessons of Master Sun Tzu. Let us see what he learned.

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Sun Tzu Week 7: From the Bills to the Off-week

Ah, Shaolin Redskins fans–it was not meant to be. Our army seemed poised to recover its footing against an opponent who was eminently beatable, but instead it stumbled and fell into the abyss.

Each week from my mountain-top home, I examine two or three aspects of the game that show how much Qiu Lei Yun Dong Jiao Lian–the Ol’ Ball Coach–learned from Master Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” This week, I’ll do much the same, but I will concentrate the entirety of the discussion on one area: the coach’s need to bring discipline to his team. It is good that the off-week is upon us.

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Sun Tzu Week 6: Plundered by Buccaneers

Greetings, Shaolin Redskins fans. The pale sun is rising this crisp morning and plays across the flags and broken weapons of battle. Our burgundy and gold army went up against last year’s victors, and while they hung tough for a time, in the end they could not stop the enemy.

This week, the Ol’ Ball Coach was more student than teacher. Let us see what Sun Tzu taught him through Jon Gruden and the Buccaneers:

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Sun Tzu Week 5: The Eagles Soar Higher

Good day, Shaolin Redskins fans. It is the quiet of the evening alongside the river here in my valley, and the stars are coming out. Our army–though valiant to the last–could not return to their homes victorious after this battle.

But from both victory and defeat, lessons can be learned. Let us see what lessons the Ol’ Ball Coach learned from Master Sun Tzu this week.


Sun Tzu said:

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