Redskins Made Hog Heaven

Sunday, First Edition

Jacoby, Grimm, Bostic, May and Starke. On the field, they bowled over defenders, cleared holes that made 1,000-yard rushers out of castaway running backs, and led the Washington Redskins to four Super Bowls.

Off the field, they made being a stout, portly offensive lineman almost fashionable.

The Hogs.

Two are gone. The other three are at the end of their careers, often nursing injuries.

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The Hogskins

The Boston Globe
Friday, City Edition

These veteran, voracious linemen have no beef about lack of attention because in Washington, they’re the toast of the town

Here’s to people unashamed that they keep their appetites when all about them are losing theirs. To those who keep their eyes wide open after stepping on the bathroom scale. Those who walk with pride as they enter Big and Tall Man’s stores, who are first for seconds in the buffet line, who reach for the remote when a Nutrasystem commercial is aired, who admire Oprah Winfrey and Delta Burke, and who couldn’t care less that there’s yet another high-fiber cereal on the market.

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Rooting for Redskins: An Honor Among Hogs

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

Hogs outnumber humans in Minnesota. This is a fact. The 1990 census uncovered 4,357,099 of us and 4,360,000 of them. Further bad news for us: The number of them just jumped by several.

Fortunately, they’re just visiting. They’ll be among the Washington Redskins leaving the state after the Super Bowl on Sunday.

”Vee hear about der Hogs – vut are der Hogs?” German TV asked Jeff Bostic yesterday.

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Introducing the Most Powerful Group in Washington

The New York Times
Tuesday, Late Edition – Final

Mark Rypien stepped to the line of scrimmage, called for a timeout and went to the sideline for a brainstorming session with Coach Joe Gibbs.

The Detroit Lions were bunching their defense toward the middle of the field. That led Gibbs and Rypien to conclude that “Blast” was the ideal play to call. It was fourth-and-1 at the Detroit 3 with Washington ahead by only 10-7 and nearly seven minutes left before halftime in the National Conference championship game.

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HOG HEAVEN; Offensive line brings home the bacon for Redskins

Metro Edition

There are good reasons why Joe Gibbs is the NFL coach of the year. He possesses vision. Patience. Foresight. Insight. So when the now-famous Hogs first lined up together as piglets in 1981, Gibbs knew.

He knew they wouldn’t make his team.

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Tough to Root Out a Hog; Redskins’ Beefy Boars Prove a Long-Lived Species

The Washington Post
Friday, Final Edition

“Most amazing about all this is that it doesn’t seem like that much time has passed. . . . I can remember the first game we played under Joe Gibbs; the first Super Bowl we went to; the last Super Bowl; and last week’s game. And none of them seem that far apart.” Jeff Bostic

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The Hogs: Not as Famous, but Still Proud

The Washington Post

They Wear Jeans, Flip-Flops, Baseball Caps;
They Do Not Like Glamor or Admit Quarterbacks

Still Hogs after all these years, the Washington Redskins offensive line must belly-up to the Denver Broncos in Sunday’s Super Bowl game here.

If Broncos quarterback John Elway plays as well as advertised, the best Redskins’ strategy will be to keep him bored on the bench. To do this, Washington must control the ball and the clock or, in other words, be hogs.

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Sports of the Times; Hogs in Three-Piece Suits

The New York Times
Thursday, Late City Final Edition

By the nature of their role, offensive lines toil without attention, usually without a nickname, always until now without a corporation. Block and be quiet. One of the few lines ever to emerge as even slightly famous was the Electric Company, which turned on the juice for O. J. Simpson in Buffalo a decade ago. Around that time the Miami Dolphins also had their Mushrooms.

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On the Redskins’ Offensive Line, It’s Still a Hog’s Life

The Washington Post
Sunday, Final Edition

Life’s not always easy when you’re a Hog, one of those grimy, crouched-over fellows on the Washington Redskins offensive line.

“During the preseason, Datsun called SuperHogs Inc. and told us they were interested in creating a ‘Hog Hauler’ pickup truck,” right guard Mark May said recently. SuperHogs Inc. is a corporation created by several in the group in the offseason.

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