Photo Gallery: Brandon Lloyd Podcast 2007

We had a great time doing a podcast with Brandon Lloyd every week. He was really gracious to us with his time, and it was a friendship that has lasted until this day.

These photos are shot inside a Redskins Store, in a remote studio Washington set up. The team started doing podcasts with one or two of their players – including Brandon – and set up the studio in the store in the mall. How we got in there to do the show every week, is a great story. That we aren’t telling publicly.

But it meant that ultimately Brandon was in studio for an hour shooting a podcast for the team, and then would stay for another hour and a half to do the THN podcast. He always was, and still is, a very stand-up guy. His time is still appreciated to this day. Furthermore, if you were to ask Brandon which show he enjoyed more, I’m confident that he would choose ours. We all had a great time doing it.

So thank you Brandon.

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A quick shout out to Scott. These podcasts were a conservative minimum of 10-12 hours each to create – split pretty evenly between Scott and I at about 5-6 hours each in creation, production, and syndication. Thanks Scott.

Just Because…

Brandon and I attended a Washington Capitals game together as the Capitals guests. I was accredited to be in the Caps press box, but for this game I sat in the ESPN box with Brandon, his wife, and my girlfriend.

We had some ‘official duties’ with the Caps between the second and third periods. Other than that, we just hung out, ate expensive roast beef sandwiches, and watched a hockey game. The Caps were really happy with the cross-promotion I had set up as well. It was one of the highlights of my entire near 20-year THN experience.

Thanks Brandon. Keep up that that Shine.

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