Photo Gallery: Kicking It For Kids With Shaun Suisham

When Washington’s kicker asks you if you’d like to volunteer at his kids football symposium an hour from your house – you do it! Shaun Suisham put on this great event in Wallaceburg, Ontario – his hometown. As you can see from the photos, every kid around was there to participate in the one day free event.

What an honor to be asked to attend, let alone help out. I took hundreds of photos of the kids to document the event for Shaun. I also took THNers Marco and Andrew with me to help. I think their gratitude and appreciation was evident all day.

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The best photos for us, would have been after the event – where Marco, Andrew and I were invited back to Shaun’s house for a barbecue.

Now for us adults – that was Kicking It!

Thank you to Shaun and his family both for their grace, and for including us in this great event. He has been a friend to THN since coming to Washington.


Photos taken in 2008; archived in 2021.

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