Photo Gallery: Under The Helmet – Washington Players

Believe it or not, there was a time not so long ago – where the world was not rife with media. Less than twenty years ago.

As a result of what must seem now like a strange phenomena, you often had no idea what your favorite football players looked like without their helmets on. They were faceless, often just represented by the numbers on the back of their jerseys to fans.

So the Photo Hog started keeping an eye out for opportunities to show Washington fans what players looked like Under the Helmet. We started a separate Gallery section for it. She didn’t take all of these photos, but she did take most of them.

It may seem preposterous now, but we had dozens of headshot camp photos. I have collected an assortment of them:

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You may notice some of the photos in other archived galleries.

Why This Gallery Is Here

I not only kept this section, but kept it separate for three reasons:

  1. As a reminder of how different sports media was back then.
  2. Because there are some great smiles from players in some of these shots.
  3. To have a separate place from the other galleries to give a shout out to the Photo Hog. That’s her with the Hogettes in the last photo, in her under the helmet reveal. She was a budding amateur photographer, but only a football and Washington fan by association. And yet she spent countless hours taking photographs at training camp to try and support both the THN, and Washington fan community. Shout out and a very sincere amount of gratitude to her, wherever she may be. Thanks for capturing some great camp memories that are still looked on fondly nearly two decades on.

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