Photo Gallery: Washington Training Camp – 2002

These photos were the reason for starting this site – photos of the Washington Redskins 2002 Training Camp.

There was a Yahoo mailing list, started by Webskins – which was the very first Washington website that I can remember. I believe it was started by a guy named Christopher Suh. Webskins started circa 1999 – three full years before this site – and stayed online until probably about 2010.

The mailing list was a great group of Washington fans just chatting about football in a thread. But you couldn’t post photos in the threads. Two of the guys on the list were going to camp and wanted to take photos and post them, but couldn’t. My old records show that these two guys were Washington fans named Bill Shaver and Carl Seely.

While they were down there, they met a couple of ladies that were also taking some great pictures that they wanted to post. Those ladies were JoMarie DiTata and Debbie Godfrey.

I was just learning web design at the time, and I offered to post the photos if they wanted to send them to me.

That’s how the website was born.

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My Thanks

I’d just like to say thank you to the four – Bill Shaver, Carl Seely, JoMarie DiTata and Debbie Godfrey. They couldn’t have known what a fantastic journey that it was going to take me on, but it did. And I thank them for their photos that kicked it all off. I have since lost the individual credits for them, but all of the photos came from those four Washington fans. I’m sure there were originally more as well, but these were all I could find when re-archiving the site in 2021. If any of the four ever read this, please reach out to me and say hello.

Did You Know?

Believe it or not – you can STILL create a Yahoo Mailing List.

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