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Here is a selection of our photos taken at the Washington Redskins 2006 Training Camp.

These were taken at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia. There are photos of Washington players like Jon Jansen, Chris Samuels, Chris Cooley, and some great ones of Sean Taylor. This includes a photo of Sean Taylor holding up a THN shirt that we gave him. It was a massive thrill for us to see the shirt in his hands – even if upside down! All moments subsequently more precious by the tragic events the following season. May he rest in peace.

By now we had ‘daily plans’ as this was our fourth time that THNers had all been down to training camp to meet up with each other.

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The first photo in the grid is my favorite sports photo ever. I had this signed by Sean at Training Camp 2007. It was a lovely private moment that I shared with Sean, JansenFan and his son.

This is a selection of photos from three great THNers. Thanks to Photo Hog, Hailskins, and NC43Hog for all the photos! There really are some amazing photos in here. My apologies that individual photo credits were lost in the 2021 archiving process, after the url change.

Find out about the Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund on the team’s official Sean Taylor history page.


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