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2015 Redskins Draft Wallpaper

As the white hot hype of the 2015 NFL Draft melts away into the soft doldrums of the offseason, I thought I’d put together a wallpaper to commemorate the Redskins selections. It was hard to get all ten draft picks on to a wallpaper!

Just click on the image to get the full 1440×900 wallpaper size. Enjoy.


Hail to the Redskins.

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Redskins 2015 Draft Haul

I love the Draft. I don’t take the same kind of draftnik approach that I used to and scour over other people’s opinions on players until I have formulated my own full blown draft hypothesis. I respect the people that do, but these days, I take a more relaxed approach.

I don’t profess to know which players will be drafted in all 256 slots. I only know that I enjoy the offseason pageantry that I personally attach to the event. It’s the football equivalent of Christmas in July. Besides, the randomness of it all, makes it tougher to predict than the pokies at

Here is a look at all ten of the Redskins 2015 NFL Draft selections, as well as some commentary about them… Read More

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Hog Wire: Redskins News for May 2, 2015


Here is what’s going on in Redskins Nation on Draft Day Two…

From the mainstream media:

  • After taking OL, LB, RB, Redskins enter Day 3 with 7 picks (The Associated Pr…
  • After taking OL, LB, RB, Redskins enter Day 3 with 7 picks
  • Posted by Andrew Walker…
    Redskins Achieve Goal Of 10 Picks In 2015
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    Redskins GM Scot McCloughan executes his plan
  • Posted by Andrew Walker…
    Matt Jones? Train Is ?Ready To Run?
  • Posted by TEl-Bashir at CSN…
    Jay Gruden breaks down the Redskins’ Day 2 draft picks
  • Redskins take Mississippi State LB Smith, Florida RB Jones (The Associated Pr…
  • Posted by…
    Redskins get physical at running back

From the Redskins Blogosphere:

  • Posted by Mark Solway…
    NFL Draft ? Redskins Day Two
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    2015 NFL Draft Day 2: Jay Gruden Presser
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    RB Matt Jones Talks Getting Drafted, Models Game after Marshawn Lynch
  • Posted by Ken Meringolo…
    2015 NFL Draft: Washington Redskins Select Matt Jones
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    2015 NFL Draft: Finishing up the 3rd Round

On Our Message Boards:

  • We have two of the top picks in the 4th round…
    Posted by fredp45…
    Thread: DRAFT DAY THREAD…..2015

  • If Zach doesn’t want to play 2nd fiddle there, why would he want to do so here? Is he that much better than what we have? I’m reading that he has a big arm, but he’s slow on progressions, takes too many sacks, holds the ball too long, and has/had character issues.
    Posted by Hooligan…
    Thread: Drafting a QB?

Hail to the Redskins!

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NFL Draft – Redskins Day Two

Preston Smith was the name Washington called with the 38th overall pick. The Defensive End from Mississippi State was one of this year’s NFL Combine super-risers. He showed great athletecism, and that’s likely what was so attractive to the Redskins.

Smith isn’t the prototypical edge rusher. He will beat guys with power, not speed. He’s also versatile enough to drop off into coverage and fill multiple roles along the evolving Defensive front. He will play linebacker in the base 3-4, but will also see time as a stand up defensive end: Read More

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McCloughan Plucks Picks From Seahawks

The Redskins have traded their 3rd Round draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks. In return for the 69th overall pick, Washington will get the 95th, 112th, 167th and 181st picks.

In my best Foghorn Leghorn voice…

“I say, I say, well that’s a helluva deal Mr. McCloughan.”

Four picks for one? Granted dropping all the way to 95 from 69 in round two stings a bit, but what a haul the Redskins new General Manager just grabbed from Seattle.

With the 69 pick, the Seahawks chose wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Geebus, I guess they really liked the guy.

With a sudden cache of picks, the Redskins may not be done either, they now have the resources to move up throughout the draft.

Hail to the Redskins.

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Shareable Scherff Graphics

My apologies to those of you have already picked them up on Twitter or Facebook, but here are a couple of Brandon Scherff graphics that I posted today.

Happy Draft Day 2! Read More

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Redskins Select Scherff With Fifth Overall Pick

With the fifth overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins selected offensive lineman Brandon Scherff.

He may move inside and play guard at the next level, but it’s probable that the Redskins just landed a piece of their offensive line for the next 5 to 10 years. Given the climate along the line for the last 5-10 years, they have to start immediately.

The 6’5″, 320 pound leader from Iowa, is a great start. Alfred Morris might want to buddy up early, because this guy will pave roads for the running back, and likely as soon as 2015. Read More

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Draftnik Must-Haves

Some watch the draft… some are consumed by it.

If you are the latter, here is my list of ten things/tools you will need to reach draft nirvana this evening…

1) Alcohol. You don’t have to drink to excess, though you may if you are so inclined. It’s perfectly okay to add a little bit of an air of “party” to your draft by enjoying a few wobbly pops. Drink responsibly of course. Read More

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Hog Wire: Redskins News for April 30, 2015


Here is what’s going on in Redskins Nation… NFL Draft Day Edition!! Read More

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