Carriker No Welch

welsh or welch  (w?l?)
— vb  (often foll by on )
1. to fail to pay a gambling debt
2. to fail to fulfil an obligation

Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker had wrestler Goldberg on his 4th and Pain show before the game against the Falcons, and the two of them made a bet:

Goldberg, an ardent Falcons fan, would wear a Redskins jersey if Washington beat Atlanta. Carriker subsequently agreed that if the Falcons beat the Redskins, that he would don Goldberg’s full wrestling garb, including speedo, as his ‘punishment.’

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Leftovers: Reed Doughty Edition

As you all know, when a player is interviewed, not every answer or quote can fit into an article. Below are the leftovers of my latest interview with Redskins safety Reed Doughty, who always is great for quotes and giving honest answers. Reed talks about spending time with Adam Carriker after he moved to Colorado this offseason, the loss of Jarvis Jenkins, his ticket giveaway for the season opener against the New York Giants, and other events he has coming up in the future. Be sure to check out the article here and follow Reed on Twitter @doughty37.

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