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Redskins vs. Chargers Inactives

Week 17 Redskins Inactives: Read More

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A Redskins Fan's Lament

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

I’m sorry, Mr. Cassell.  Did I violate your personal space?

It made no difference, ultimately, in the outcome of the game, but that alleged “roughing the passer” call on Haynesworth is just further evidence that the effort by the NFL to protect a single group of players is completely out of control.  The NFL has made the determination that an all out effort to keep Quarterbacks from being touched has greater value than protecting the integrity of the game. Read More

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They Won? Sorry… I'm Waiting for the Other Shoe…

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

Ok, I admit it. The homer in me is thrilled with the result today.

The Redskins got a W. The offense found a little of it’s mojo, albeit not until the second half, with both a rare Redzone touchdown, and an even rarer deep strike for a 59 yard touchdown. The defense played pretty tough, and got the plays when they needed them. They consistently got off the field on third down. Tackling was solid. Read More

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Inactives Week 12 Redskins vs. Eagles

Week 12 Washington Redskins inactives: Read More

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Leftovers – Week 9

This week’s leftovers from THN Weekly with Andre Carter include how Andre spent his bye week, what it’s going to take to turn things around with the Redskins, the big plays given up to opposing offenses and Albert Haynesworth’s assessment following the team’s loss to the Eagles stating that the fans are losing interest and the team needs to find its “want-to.”

THN: It was written on the Washington Post’s Redskins Insider blog that Coach Blache said Albert Haynesworth isn’t the reason for your improved performance but you’ve said several times that he makes the people around him better, especially you. Why does what Blache says contradict with what you have said?

AC: I couldn’t even tell you. I do know that the sacks I have is God’s gift. How I am playing is God’s gift. I have always worked hard and prepared my mind and body for the season. My faith and focus has grown from 2001 as a rookie to 2009 as a vet. Haynsworth has been a great addition but the other men on the field have done their part as well. I have worked with [Cornelius] Griffin, [Brian] Orakpo, [Kedric] Golston, when Haynsworth needed a blow. I thank all my teammates first and foremost.

THN: What, in your opinion, is it going to take to turn this ship around?

AC: Faith and believing that we can get this turned around.

THN: Is the team getting frustrated losing to division opponents (especially on national TV)?

AC: I think the team hates losing period no matter who we play. The division opponents hurt the worse because it puts you in a bind when you are trying to make a playoff run.

THN: How did you spend your bye week?

AC: I spent a lot of quality time with the family. Took my son on the merry go round and took many naps, during the day. I am well rested now.

THN: “Urgency, heart, ‘want-to,’ whatever. I don’t know. We’re lacking a lot of stuff right now. The fans are losing interest. The more games we play, the fewer fans come. It’s getting bad.” That was a quote from Albert Haynesworth by the Associated Press after the Eagles game. Is Albert correct and does he have a point? How does the team find its “want-to”?

AC: It’s about making a choice. We can choose to play hard and win or chose to be inconsistent. It’s the matter of having the want to.

THN: It seems as the defensive line improves and applies more pressure to the quarterback, the secondary gives up more big plays. Do you believe that assessment and if so, what will it take for the defense to come to a happy medium and be able to provide blanket coverage in the secondary to go along with pressuring the quarterback consistently?

AC: I feel as a defense we are getting better. There are many things we need to work on. Tackling, controlling our gaps, etc. One thing we do well is play hard, fast and together. As a defensive line we continue to communicate and focus on stopping the run and rushing the passer.

THN: Is the defense blitzing enough?

AC: Greg Blache makes the call and we go out and play. We haven’t blitzed as much I think due to the success of our four man rush.

THN: Clinton Portis only had 43 yards and was the team’s leading rusher against Philly. What is the reason for his lack of production (for his standards, at least)? Is it because of a decline on his end or the troubles with the offensive line?

AC: I really don’t know. It’s really hard to say.

THN: What do you do to handle the stress of a single loss or even a losing season? What do you do to get your mind right and do you think your teammates are taking to correct measures to appropriately handle the team’s current situation?

AC: My faith, my family and the great men and coaches that I work with gets me through the day. In life, if it’s good or bad, you always have to have a positive perspective.

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What’s Good?

So it’s a bye week, and for Redskin fans, that seems to mean a whole lot of people walking around with their heads down. Who can blame them? It’s been a tough first seven games.

Since the bye week is almost at the half-way point, I thought I’d take a look at the things that were ‘good’ for the Redskins in the first half of 2009. Read More

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Big Al As Advertised

As Redskin fans try to come together and unify, presumably so that they can commiserate with others, I thought I’d blog about one of the few bright spots of 2009 – Albert Haynesworth. Read More

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News and Notes: Saturday, October 24

Why don’t we start with the good news? Levi Jones is doing well enough that he may be activated against Philadelphia. Read More

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Leftovers – Week 7

Here are this week’s leftovers from THN Weekly with Andre Carter.

THN: Haynesworth apparently left to go to the locker room with about 25 seconds left in the game but he was also the one guy to make his voice heard and try to motivate guys and get them to step their game up after the game. Is that true? If so, why did he leave so early and what did he say? Read More

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Leftovers – Weeks 5 and 6

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay with the Leftovers from Week 5’s edition of THN Weekly with Andre Carter. They are posted below along with Week 6’s Leftovers. Read More

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