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Flashback Friday: This Day in 2007

On this day, October 7th in 2007, the Washington Redskins crushed the Detroit Lions 34-3.

Jason Campbell was a near perfect 23 of 29 for 248 yards. He threw two touchdown passes for a stellar quarterback rating of 128.3. Antwaan Randle El led all Redskin receivers with 100 yards on 7 receptions.

Not only did Carlos Rogers actually catch a ball that hit him in the hands, he returned it 61 yards for a touchdown (this was before getting his eyes fixed of course – if you remember, he couldn’t catch a cold).

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Catching up with Andre Carter – Leftovers

Recently, Redskins linebacker Andre Carter took time to discuss a variety of topics with THN. A lot of his quotes made it into the article, which can be found here. Some didn’t. Which is what Leftovers is here to provide to you.

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Time to blow out the Candle

Let me tell you where I’m at on things.

For over a year, I’ve been of the opinion that Jason Campbell is an adequate quarterback. This doesn’t mean that I believe he’s a pro-bowler, or that he is a shoe-in for the hall-of-fame; but adequate.

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Game Recap: Eagles 27, Redskins 17

It Was Over When:
DeSean Jackson ran the game’s fourth play from scrimmage in for a touchdown. Could a game really be over that early? It seemed to be – the Redskins never really did get all the way back. The game was just two minutes old and yet the wind had been completely sucked from the Redskins’ (and their fans) sails.

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Leftovers – Week 7

Here are this week’s leftovers from THN Weekly with Andre Carter.

THN: Haynesworth apparently left to go to the locker room with about 25 seconds left in the game but he was also the one guy to make his voice heard and try to motivate guys and get them to step their game up after the game. Is that true? If so, why did he leave so early and what did he say?

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Dealing with Negativity

In my time on the message boards, I have noticed a trend that is kind of amusing.

There are some “fans” that live to be negative. They can’t say anything good about the team no matter what happens.

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By The Numbers: Rams

Some weeks, the numbers are a little harder to look at than others, like this week’s from Washington’s 19-17 loss to the St. Louis Rams. The numbers don’t make the loss any easier to swallow, but misery loves company…

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Randle El’s Option Pass has a weekly video feature called ‘anatomy of a play’ where they have a player break down one of the play’s from that week’s games. This week Antwaan Randle El broke down his option pass to Chris Cooley.

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By The Numbers: Eagles I

Each week, we take a look at some of the game’s numbers to see what stands out – take a look at some of the statistics from Washington’s impressive 23-17 victory over the Eagles on Sunday:

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THN Antwaan Randle El Wallpaper Now Available


As an ongoing effort, THN will be periodically releasing new wallpapers during the coming weeks.  This week, we are proud to introduce the new Antwaan Randle El Wallpaper.  It is also available in a widescreen version.


Fred Smoot Wallpaper

Fred Smoot Wallpaper

Check out all of the Redskin Wallpapers available in the Fun Zone

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