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Commanders Versus Eagles: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Washington Commanders weren’t just bad on Sunday, they were downright awful. In fact, break out the Thesaurus and look for even more colorful words that denote such a performance – dreadful, cataclysmic, abysmal, disastrous, horrendous, horrific. You get the picture. They all fit.

The Commanders took on division rival Philadelphia Eagles and just flat out mailed it in – pretty much across the board. Washington was lucky to get away with the 24-8 loss. It could have been considerably worse. Especially considering the Eagles were up 24-0 at half time.

To be frank, the Commanders were so bad that it was tough to find a single player to say positive things about.

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Washington Wraps Up 2021 Mini Camp: WFT News And Notes

The Washington Football Team wrapped up their three-day 2021 Mini Camp on Thursday. While these workouts are glorified walk-throughs, and no contact is involved, here are some of the observations coming out of camp.

Quarterback Situation

Much has been made about bringing in veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in the off-season. By most accounts, Fitzpatrick had a decent camp. He did throw a few interceptions, but in his first experience in a new offense, that’s to be expected.

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Washington Inks All Ten Draft Picks Before Rookie Camp

The Washington Football Team began it’s annual two-day rookie minicamp at the Inova Sports Performance Center on Friday. On Thursday, the entire 2021 draft class were signed beforehand. The team announced that all ten players drafted, had been signed to contracts.

Terms of most of the deals were not released, but third-round pick Benjamin St-Juste signed a four-year deal worth $5.1 million. That’s more than half a million more than the minimum. Perhaps that provides some insight as to how all the deals were done so quickly.

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Washington Football Team 2021 Draft Selections

It’s a time honored tradition to rate how a team drafted the day after the draft. None of the players have even signed a contract yet. None of them have played a down of football yet. It is tough to rank much, other than wether or not a team filled some needs, and if their picks met with experts’ opinions.

Washington definitely filled a few needs, and the majority of their selections were considered solid at the position. Their 19th overall pick Jamin Davis, was considered a reach by some, but was climbing many other’s draft boards as well. Third round cornerback Benjamin St-Juste was also ranked a little lower than he was chosen.

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