Flashback Friday: This Day in 2012

On this day, September 30th, in 2012, the Washington Redskins scored a come from behind victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Billy Cundiff kicked a 41 yard field goal to give Washington a 24-22 victory, after Robert Griffin III executed a near perfect 2-minute drill with 1:42 to play. He completed 3 straight passes, before taking off on a 15-yard scamper that put Cundiff in range.

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Oh… The Redskins Kickers (Rant)

I admit it, I’m frustrated, I’m fed up, I’m exasperated – hang whatever you want on me – I’m sick and damn tied of my ulcer bleeding every time the Washington Redskins attempt a field goal.

I don’t have anything against Kai Forbath at all, but to me, he is just another in a very, very long line of terrible kicking decisions in the nation’s capital.

You can call that condemnation harsh all you want, the franchise’s track record speaks for itself.

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Redskins New Kicker

The Redskins have released Billy Cundiff after just five games, because well, did you watch him? It’s an amazing statement that in the sea of poop that is the Redskins kicking situation the last 20 years – Cundiff is just another that failed to shine.

The Redskins have signed a new kicker, and I have just received an exclusive photo to share with you all:

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Five Quick Thoughts: Falcons

It was yet another tough experience for Redskins Nation, as Washington had every chance to hand Atlanta their first loss of the season; but in the end, it was the Falcons who came out on top 24-17. Here are some quick thoughts on the game:

1) Robert Griffin III – Obviously the collective breaths of every Redskin fan on the planet, were held tight, when RGIII was drilled in the head. Mildly concussed, he wouldn’t return. Hopefully RGIII will recover quickly and be ready for next week, but will this be a wake up call to the importance of sliding for the young rookie? Tough is tough, but you don’t have to be careless to be tough. He needs to learn to protect himself a bit better, and live to fight another down. It’s hard to even suggest to someone with the kind of fire and integrity that RGIII has, that he should take the ‘easier route’ but that’s what he needs to do. His team needs him – for more than any one game, or any one play.

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Five Quick Thoughts About: Bucs

There were a lot of things to see and feel on a day that was a roller coaster for most of Redskins Nation. After a dominant first half, and then nearly throwing it away in the second half, a knight in shining armor swooped in and saved the day – only our knight had a sleeve on his left arm.

RGIII – why not start where everyone will? The guy is just phenomenal. Every week, he reveals a new wrinkle to his game and or character, and he just keeps impressing everyone that knows anything about football. When Griffin took to the field with less than 2 minutes to go, with 1 timeout, and EVERY drop of momentum going Tampa’s way – I still believed that he would do it. I tweeted: 

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Five to Watch: Bucs

Many fans consider the fourth preseason game to be ‘a waste of viewing time’ because so many starters will not only not play much, they will not play at all. However, it may be the game where the most NFL roster positions are decided, as the second and third stringers battle it out for the right to back-up their often more heralded teammates. Sometimes the games can be a little less polished, but they can also often be a little more hotly contested.

Here are five Redskins that I’ll be paying close attention to, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight:

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