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Draft Primer: Everything A Commanders Fan Needs To Know For the Draft

The NFL Draft has a rich history dating back to 1936 when the first draft was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia. At that time, it was a relatively informal affair with teams taking turns selecting players for nine rounds. Over the years, the draft has evolved and grown significantly in importance into something that attracts millions of viewers each year.

The Draft itself has become the subject of incredible amounts of analysis and speculation for both experts and fans alike. It seems that every NFL fan now weighs in on what players will be selected and where, and how they might impact their team.

Here is some information on this year’s festivities:

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Preliminary Look At The Washington Commanders 2023 NFL Draft

With only the Super Bowl remaining, 29 of the 31 draft slots for the NFL Draft have been determined.

Where will the Commanders select in 2023? As it stands, Washington will select sixteenth overall; however, anything can happen between now and that draft pick.

After all, the Commanders only have six picks. Compensatory Picks might push that number to eight, but they have a lot of holes to fill.

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Commanders Versus Eagles: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Washington Commanders weren’t just bad on Sunday, they were downright awful. In fact, break out the Thesaurus and look for even more colorful words that denote such a performance – dreadful, cataclysmic, abysmal, disastrous, horrendous, horrific. You get the picture. They all fit.

The Commanders took on division rival Philadelphia Eagles and just flat out mailed it in – pretty much across the board. Washington was lucky to get away with the 24-8 loss. It could have been considerably worse. Especially considering the Eagles were up 24-0 at half time.

To be frank, the Commanders were so bad that it was tough to find a single player to say positive things about.

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Brandon Scherff Expected To Sign With Jacksonville Jaguars

The writing was apparently on the wall. Washington couldn’t justifiably tag Brandon Scherff again in 2022, so he was expected to be heading somewhere else. On Monday, it was reported by various sources that Scherff would be heading to Jacksonville.

The 30-year old stalwart right guard spent the last seven seasons in Washington. He was named to the Pro Bowl five of those seven years.  He is also the ONLY Washington player to be named an All-Pro in the last 26 years.

Terms of the deal were not announced, as the deal cannot become official until 4pm on Wednesday.

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NFL Sets 2022 Salary Cap Number at Over 208 Million Dollars

How much money will Washington have to spend in their first season as the Commanders? According to yesterday’s reports, the 2022 NFL Salary Cap number will be set at $208.2 million. With the new league year starting next week, teams have just over a week to get in line with the cap.

The 2022 number is up more than $25 million over last year’s $182.5 million. That sends a slightly misguided message though, as the cap was dropped last season for Covid “losses”. It was the first time in its history, that the cap number had dropped. In 2020, the cap was $198 million, so the 2022 number is a gain of approximately $10 million over that.

That’s a decent increase that some teams will be desperately happy to see.

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WFT Will Also Be Without Scherff And Six Assistant Coaches

The Washington Football Team has been flattened by Covid. While several players were reinstated yesterday, today saw the addition of Pro Bowl Guard Brandon Scherff, as well as six assistant coaches and a coaching intern.

Until now, the outbreak in Washington had been limited to just players. But perhaps not surprisingly given the level of outbreak amongst the players, the coaching staff has now been hit hard as well.

The team announced that the following assistant coaches are now on the Covid-19 list:

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Wallpaper Wednesday: Brandon Scherff Mobile Wallpaper

Washington’s right guard Brandon Scherff returned to practice in Week 10. The veteran has been on the shelf for four weeks with a knee injury. 

Hopefully he will be ready for the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

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Atlanta Victory Comes At Huge Injury Cost For Washington

Washington may have dodged a loss on Sunday, but they weren’t able to dodge the injury bug.

It bit them hard. Really hard.

This week against New Orleans, the WFT will likely be without four of last week’s starters thanks to injuries. Two of the players are likely gone for the season.

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Decimated Redskins Roster to Face Surging Rival Cowboys

When a coach has to change a Wednesday practice to a walk through in an already short week, you know that the injuries have officially piled to the ceiling. That’s exactly what Jay Gruden did yesterday, on the heels of seven MORE Redskins being hurt in the 34-24 loss to the Eagles on Monday night. The multitude of injuries have obviously caused a change in the betting odds for the Redskins games, and they pose a challenge that will frankly be hard to account for this week against Dallas.

As if losing convincingly to Philadelphia and losing most hope of winning the NFC East division this year wasn’t enough, Washington was once again devastated by injuries over the course of the game for the third game in a row. This week, it was the offensive line that took it on the chin.

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