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That Jonathan Allen Guy, Is More Than Just A Pro Bowler

Jonathan Allen is the undisputed leader of the current Washington Commanders football team. It isn’t even really a contest. That isn’t to say that there aren’t other guys that take on leadership roles, but nobody moreso than the sixth year defensive tackle.

Looking for an opinion from a player after the game? He’s the go-to-guy.

Need a dose of reality at any point in the NFL season? Again, look no further.

He has become the de facto team spokesperson, and it is a role that he has filled quite admirably. He always backs his team mates, and he wears the burgundy and gold colors with pride.

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90 Greatest splash

Washington Add Names To Selection Process For 90 Greatest

When Washington announced earlier this week that they had a new patch to commemorate the franchise’s 90th season, they also released a list of names that fans would be able to choose from, to have a new 90 Greatest list.

Originally in 2002, Washington came up with 70 players on the 70th Anniversary, that comprised the first Greatest list. In 2012, they added 10 more players to commemorate the 80th Anniversary.

Of course it stands to reason that in 2022, 10 players will again be added to the annuls of Washington history, and take their place on the 90 Greatest.

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Redskins Free Agency Tracker – March 13th

The Redskins opened up the first day with barely a peep. The team retained punter Sav Rocca and defensive lineman Kedric Golston. It was also revealed through Twitter that the One Man Gang, Lorenzo Alexander, would be signing with a new team to be determined.

As the more expensive free agents are taken off the market, the Redskins should get more active with scouting affordable B and C level talent.

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Interview with Doc Walker: Part 3

In our third and final installment of our Doc Walker interview, he explains whether Chris Cooley will return to the burgundy and gold, gives extremely high praise to Trent Williams, talks about his relationship with Brian Mitchell, and the dynamic of working for a company owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

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The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

Losses hurt. Division losses really hurt. Division losses thrown away in the waning moments of the game? Daggers.

Here’s the Good, The Bad and The Fugly from the New York Giants upsetting 27-23 upset of the Washington Redskins.

The Good

Robert Griffin III… surprise!!! Yeah it may seem like a broken record to those outside of the nation’s capital, but there isn’t a Redskins fan on the planet that is going to get tired of gushing about just how good this kid is. How about that 4th and wow? Arguably the play of the year so far in the NFL.

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Helped and Hobbled Causes: Colts

After the Redskins impressive 30-17 dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, Redskins coaches got a further look into how the Redskins 53-man roster is going to break down in a few weeks. Here are a few guys that either helped or hobbled their causes:

Chris Wilson – had the best game of any Washington Redskin on Saturday, at least in my opinion. After sitting out 2011 and not playing football, Wilson looks hell bent on being employed in 2012. On top of Wilson’s sack that resulted in a safety, he also had three quarterback hurries and seem to be wreaking havoc in the Colts backfield nearly every time he rushed. If he wasn’t on the fringe of people’s 53-man before Saturday, he should be there firmly now. Wilson’s raw pass rush ability is very valuable depth, especially with Brian Orakpo knicked with an injury to the same area that limited him last year.

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Camp Battles: Tight Ends

Redskins’ fans have had many worries in the past, but one of them has not been the tight end position. Chris Cooley has been the guy, period. Last season that changed, but fans discovered that the team had another card they were keeping close to the vest, Fred Davis. Of course that hope was crushed as Davis was suspended for the final four games and has since been busy playing out his own off the field soap opera. So now what? Training camp is less than two weeks away and the TE camp battle should feature some fierce competition, especially now that Niles Paul has been added to the mix. Let’s take a look at the entire TE picture heading into camp.

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Cooley Comeback Begins

With the opening of the offseason training activities (OTAs) on Monday, the Redskins coaching staff got their first look at the entire 90-man roster at once*, and in doing so, began the arduous process of paring that 90 down to 53. One of the guys that surprisingly seems to be on some people’s bubble, is returning stalwart tight end Chris Cooley.

Cooley was plagued with injuries from the start last year, and ended up on the injured reserve list for the second time in three years. That has many questioning his durability, and his ability to return to the form that he once showed. I don’t have a problem with people questioning those things, it’s those that are indignant that he can’t possibly be of any use to the Redskins whatsoever, that have me baffled.

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Putting Things In Perspective

We swept the Giants this year, with a very solid game against the Giants yesterday, following up on a very good performance in a shootout against one of the best teams/offenses in the league in New England. That was following a decent performance through 50 minutes against the Jets with Rex having a very off day. And that’s following a very good win against a young Seahawks team who just seems to give everyone fits.

Rex Grossman’s play has been up and down, as expected, and he still makes way too many mistakes, and some of them crucial. But under Rex Grossman, this offense seems to take a little flight. It’s true that receivers like the ability to go deep and not have to get smacked around in the middle after a 5-yard slant. It’s also true it opens up those 5-yard slants to keep defenses honest to the threat. Rex Grossman gives us a chance to be a lethal offense… but that’s it… a chance.

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Cooley’s Season Ends, Rumors Swirl

Yesterday, the Redskins surprisingly announced that they had put Chris Cooley on the injured reserve list. I say surprising only because when the veteran tight end broke his finger last week – there was no talk of it being the end to his season.

The decision is likely due to Cooley’s multiple injuries and not just his latest, a mangled finger. Captain Chaos has been nursing a knee injury all year, and while he was playing through the injury, he never seemed to get all the way back to firing on all cylinders. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to put Cooley on IR, he’s there, and speculation begins to mount as to whether or not he will ever see the field as a Washington Redskin again.

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