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Former Washington Quarterback Colt Brennan Passes Away At Just 37

Sad news today for Washington fans, former quarterback and fan favourite Colt Brennan has passed away at just 37 years old. The former sixth round pick of Washington, was first found unconscious in a rehabilitation center in Southern California a few days ago.

Brennan found immediate favor with Washington fans in 2008, and even spawned Cult of Colt posters.

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HogWire’s Injury Report Week Two

HogWire’s Injury Report Week Two

The St. Louis Rams versus the Washington Redskins


Offensive Tackle Chris Samuels and Defensive Tackle Anthony Montgomery were both limited in practice this week and both were dealing with knee problems. The Washington Redskins have said they have to manage Samuels’s knee throughout the season, because Chris had knee surgery in the offseason and experienced some minor knee problems in the preseason. Coach Jim Zorn said Anthony Montgomery “has a little roughness on his knee”, and is limited in practice because of patellar tendinitis.

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Slop From The Trough 06-12-09

This is a new blog I’ll plan to do at least weekly starting with training camp. For now, at least, it will just be something along the lines of a Redskins notebook. I’ll be going to the internet trough and posting some of the slop that I come across that seems relevant. Feel free to comment to let me know if I’ve missed something or you have ideas for improvement.

For now, let’s get started with LaRon Landry, Jason Campbell, two signings and James Thrash:

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Bring on the 2008 Season

Stats can be deceiving. Looking at preseason stats really don’t tell us anything, or am I really missing something? Things just don’t add up.

– The Redskins starting quarterback Jason Campbell finished the preseason with 23-of-39 completions for 202 yards, one touchdown and one interception. His backup Todd Collins finished with 33-of-47 completions for 260 yards one TD and a pick. The sixth round pick who’s name escapes me right now finished the preseason with 36-of-53 completions for 411 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.  Shouldn’t these names or numbers be flip-flopped?

– The first-team offense played three series in the first quarter of the final game, running seven plays in all, picking up fourteen yards. Second year back Marcus Mason had 11 of those yards on three carries as he went on to finish the preseason as the team’s rushing leader with 317 yards on 66 carries. Across the board when you look at the team leaders as far as offensive statistics go during the 2008 preseason, you won’t find the name of a single starter from the 2007 roster. After drafting two wide receivers in the second round this past April, you would think one of them would have made an impact with Randle El skipping two games and Moss taking one off. In the end Billy McMullen and  Maurice Mann are the top two receivers as the team prepares to take on the New York Giants. Mason, McMullen and Mann were all placed on waivers today as the team got down to 53 players on the active Roster

Here are some Defensive numbers to look at:

– 66 points in five preseason games, is the output of the Washington Redskins newly installed West Coast offense, and was not very good when you consider 20 other teams scored more points in only four games. Should that be something to worry about or should we worry about a defense that has carried this team for most of the past four years has yielded on average more points per game than all but three teams this preseason. Then again the same defense has as many or more sacks than every team other team this preseason but the Dolphins.

The Washington Redskins ended the 2008 preseason looking like training camp was just getting started. They also finished with a winning record (3-2) but you wouldn’t know it looking at the numbers.

Check out the Hog Wire on Wednesday to get all of the weekly notes and quotables.

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Numbers, Schmumbers

Numbers.  47-3.  24-3.  71-6.  Sure, they mean something, and right now they don’t look good.  But this game is about more than numbers, which sounds silly to say, since the score has actual numbers in it, numbers which determine the winner and loser.  However, in the preseason, I’ve tried to look past the numbers, and what I see from the Redskins is rather exciting.

So, with gloom and doom lurking around the Redskins as of late, I thought I would brighten your day with a few positive notes: Read More

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