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Snyder Blocking Bezos From Bidding On The Commanders

Ever wondered what a spoiled billionaire kicking at the air like a young child would look like? Dan Snyder is doing it right now. Proverbially at least. Apparently Snyder is blocking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos from buying the Washington Commanders.

It is the adult rich-guy equivalent of, “I’m taking my football and going home.”

It’s petty with a capital “P”.

The Bank of America were hired by Snyder to help with the sale of the team, and they have told Bezos that he will not be allowed to submit a bid.

The reason for the block?

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Jeff Bezos Hires Investment Firm To Aid With Bid For Commanders

This week, Jeff Bezos reportedly hired the investment firm of Allen & Company to help him place a bid on the Washington Commanders.  That is the same investment firm that helped the Walton-Penner group purchase the Denver Broncos last year, for $4.65 billion. They also helped David Tepper buy the Carolina Panthers in 2018.

The NFL would love for Bezos to be the one that buys Dan Snyder’s Commanders. He already has a significant connection with the league, with Amazon being the exclusive broadcaster for Thursday Night Football. Amazon made waves becoming the first streaming-only option in league history.

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Is Dan Snyder Really Going To Finally Sell The Team?

The big buzz in the world of sports on Wednesday, was that Daniel Snyder may finally have reached his tipping point. Forbes magazine reported that the controversial owner had hired Bank of America to explore the selling of the Washington Commanders.

Marred by controversy after controversy, Snyder is likely the most litigious owner in the history of sports ownership. He might also be the most hated.

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Commanders Add ‘Withholding Ticket Revenue’ To Scandals

The hardest part of following the Washington Commanders’ scandals, has become tracking them all. That says something in itself. The latest allegation is that Washington did not share home ticket sales with opposing teams. Is it true?

A report from A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports alleged that, “the Commanders did not pass along the required 40% share of ticket sales to visiting teams.”

According to the report, at least one person gave information to Congressional investigators in the House Oversight Committee. The Committee has been examining the finances of the team and owner, as well as the hostile workplace allegations.

Since the article was released, there have been some legal back-and-forths from both sides of the equation.

The Commanders released the following statement:

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Mary Jo White To Investigate Latest Dan Snyder Accusations

The NFL has enlisted Mary Jo White to conduct an investigation into the latest sexual misconduct allegations against Dan Snyder, that arose from the recent House Oversight Committee roundtable. Her findings will be made public at the conclusion of the investigation. Commissioner Roger Goodell will then determine if the league will take any further action.

White is currently with the Debevoise & Plimpton law firm. She was also the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and a former chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). She also previously conducted the NFL’s investigation against former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

Richardson would ultimately sell the team before White’s investigation was complete.

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Roger Goodell Backs Dan Snyder In Interference Accusations

On Tuesday, Will Hobson and Liz Clarke accused owner Dan Snyder of attempting to obstruct the investigation into the workplace culture of the Washington Football Team. The article written by them in the Washington Post, detailed several ways that Snyder was alleged to have interfered with the work of lawyer and investigator Beth Wilkinson.

On Wednesday, league Commissioner Roger Goodell emphatically came to Snyder’s defense.

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Where Do Washington Rank Financially Amongst NFL Franchises?

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the bottom line of sports organizations globally. Empty stadiums are unusually tough on the bottom line, but the NFL set the bar in 2020 on making money in the midst of a worldwide epidemic. NFL teams enjoyed a reported average of a 7% increase in overall team value last year. So where did Dan Snyder’s Football Team rank financially amongst the other NFL franchises?

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What’s Next in Washington

The last five games the Washington Redskins have played have been some of the most difficult to watch football that I can remember seeing in recent history. After each game I am left thinking, well, it can’t get worse than that. However that debacle that the team displayed yesterday was disgusting, embarrassing, and just plain shameful. Shame on the players, shame on Mike Shanahan, shame on the Redskins’ organization.

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Interview with Doc Walker: Part 3

In our third and final installment of our Doc Walker interview, he explains whether Chris Cooley will return to the burgundy and gold, gives extremely high praise to Trent Williams, talks about his relationship with Brian Mitchell, and the dynamic of working for a company owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

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Diatribe to Leonard Hankerson’s Doubters

Last week, prior to John Beck’s proclamation in his impromptu media session, I made it a point to remark that Leonard Hankerson may not have been to blame for the INT late in the game. I said it looked as though he made a read on the corner who bit down, and Beck threw it to where Hankerson would have been had he just contested Gamble for the catch instead of trying to make a play by getting open downfield. John Beck confirmed that, and whether he was just being the pro and leader and taking the bullet for his guy or not, is left to nothing but speculation.

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