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Commanders Flexing Legal Muscles In Ticket Scandal

The Washington Commanders have taken the opportunity to flex their legal muscles and try to beat down the latest ticket revenue scandal. Or so it seems. The latest public statement from the organization is making its rounds today, and once again, the public perception of it appears less than favorable.

“In America, it’s about how much justice you can afford.” – O.J. Simpson.

It’s unfortunate who the source is, but it is a very accurate legal statement. And who knows it better than O.J.?

Perhaps Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder. He is surely one of the most litigious individuals in the history of football.

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21 Reasons Sean Taylor’s Retirement Ceremony Sucked

On Sunday, Washington retired Sean Taylor‘s number 21 jersey. He became just the third player in the franchise’s 90-year history to be bestowed with the honor. And yet, the team announced the jersey retirement just three days before the event.

The team swears they had been planning the ceremony for months.

Gabe Taylor, Sean’s younger brother, said on 106.7 The Fan, that he was told “like four days ago.” He hedged slightly and said that he didn’t know how long their father Pedro knew. Meaning, it seemed like Gabe found out, when everyone else found out – on Thursday.

The whole ceremony sure looked like they threw it together at the last minute. What a travesty.

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The Rooney Ruse

Anybody else sick and tired of hearing about the Rooney Rule? Anybody else bored to tears with reading about the politics associated with it? I know it is ironic to ink a blog about it when I’m sick of hearing about it, but isn’t that what blogs are for? Read More

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Dan Snyder and the XMB-5000

The office was large and plush. The 15-foot ceilings and large windows made even the largest of defensive linemen feel small. To one side was an equally large fire-place and in the middle or the room, with the windows behind it, was the desk of one Daniel M. Snyder.

Rain pattered against the glass of the enormous windows, and gave the night an even more ominous feel. The only light in the office was coming from the crackling fire in the aforementioned fireplace. Read More

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