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Washington Commanders Sale Looms Close According To ‘Sources’

According to NBC Sports Washington, the sale of the Washington Commanders, “will be over soon.” According to whom, you may ask? Well there weren’t any sources actually listed for the claim, but apparently it will be done, “As soon as March.”

Does making it plural and stating that “sources” are making the claim, somehow make it more official?

Is this really much of a news item?

So a sale COULD / SHOULD happen as soon as March?

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Washington Trash The Cowboys In The Season Finale

With nothing to play for but pride, the Washington Commanders handed the Dallas Cowboys their proverbial behinds in the final game of the 2022 regular season. Washington outclassed the Cowboys 26-6 largely on the strength of a colossal effort from their defense.

In what may very well have been the very last time that the Commanders took the field with Dan Snyder as owner, there wasn’t much to play for. Perhaps that’s fitting given the tumultuous times of the past two decades-plus under Snyder’s thumb. Washington were eliminated from Wild Card contention in Week 17, and no result from them in Week 18 was going to change that.

Given that, the Commanders chose to sit some regulars in lieu of evaluating some talent that had seen little or no playing time this season. That included getting quarterback Sam Howell his first start.

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Could This Really Be Snyder’s Last Game? Pinch Me!

Bye Dan

There’s a good chance if you’re poking around the world of the Washington Commanders online this week – you will likely find some common verbage.

“Nothing to play for.”

“Play the young talent.”

“No playoffs again!”

What there hasn’t been much of, is the thing that might be the most exciting of all.

A seemingly overlooked thing that might make this meaningless game, the most meaningful game in 20-plus years.

There’s a chance that it could be the last game ever with Dan Snyder as the owner.

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Washington Football Team’s Week 9 Bye Week Notes

Washington does not play in the NFL’s Week 9. However, that seemed to only intensify the mountain of off-the-field distractions going on with the organization.

Here are the things that happened that did not involve emails, the NFL, Washington, and Congress. And then some things that did.

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Washington Drops To Nineteenth On Forbes’ Team Value List

Forbes just released it’s list of Most Valuable Sports Teams in 2021. Washington was ranked number nineteen. They were the eighth ranked NFL team. In 2010, the Washington Football Team was the third most-valuable sports team in the world.

According to Forbes, Washington’s current value is $3.5 million, and they have experienced a 23% increase in value over the last five years.

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Where Do Washington Management Rank In Terms Of Drafting?’s Gregg Rosenthal just posted his General Manager Power Rankings based on how teams have drafted recently. How did the Washington management group fare in respect to others? It didn’t. The rankings left off the nine teams that have one draft (or less) of experience, so that left Washington’s three-headed approach off the list.

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So, this chunk of blue stuff hits me on the head…

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine.

Ouch… you call that a “get right game?”

Can it possibly be as bad as it seems? 3 weeks ago, I was ok… they didn’t look great against the Giants, but, what the heck… I didn’t actually expect them to win at Rutherford, now did I? Last week… a win that was as close to a failure as a win can possibly be. The Ram’s “ineptitude” was exceeded only by that of the Lions, yet we were but an interception away from being down 10-9 at the end of the game. Real questions began to arise about Zorn’s competence as a play caller. I’m left anxious about the next game with the Lions, especially in light of the fast start the Lions had against the Vikes.

Today… disaster. I have seen Chicken Little… and he looks an awful lot like someone I know.

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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner 11/23/09

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

I have no idea what to think. My Redskins just held to Cowboys to 7 points. My Redskins carried a lead into the fourth quarter, against the Cowboys, at their house. I should be happy.  Yet, I find myself wondering “so, what?”

The problem was, that lead consisted of 6 points.  Six lousy points, on two field goals.  I can’t entirely blame Zorn, this time.  The patched up offensive line took another blow, with the loss for the year of yet another lineman.  The second string running back, who had knocked them dead last week with a clutch performance, went down with a season ending knee injury.

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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner 10/13

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

Did you know that the Redskins will set a record for consecutive games against winless teams this Sunday? It’s true. Clearly, the Gods have smiled upon us! The easiest schedule in football is ours. Danny must have used some kind of Redskins friendly virus on the scheduling computer. What fun!

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Sun Tzu, Daniel Snyder and Jim Zorn

The following post was written by member, Redskin in Canada. I have in the past, been a Dan Snyder apologist, and RiC and I have had a few spirited debates on this topic, but as I slowly leave the dark side and come into the light, much of what he has been saying over the past few seasons has really started to make sense.

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