Five Quick Thoughts: Eagles

It was good for the Redskins and for Redskins fans, to get back on the winning side of the ledger this week. Facing a struggling team, and coming off an extra week off, the Redskins were expected to do exactly what they did on Sunday – dismantle the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are some quick thoughts about the game —

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New Show Delayed By Sandy

Earlier this week I told you about Darrel Young’s new show ‘1st and Goal’ starting up tonight at Hooters; unfortunately Hurricane Sandy got in the way.

Internet problems in the area due to the storm, mean a small wait in the debut of Young’s show, which will now take place on Thursday night instead.

Join Darrel, Niles Paul and a motley crew of guests like myself and Andre Mitchell from HTTR-24/7, and more.

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Redskins v. Steelers: Helped and Hurt

The Washington Redskins had an impressive debut with their 16-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday night. Sure it’s only the preseason, but not only did the Redskins earn the win, there were plenty of performances to be encouraged by.

Basically preseason games boil down to one important, and simple concept – evaluation. So here’s my look at the guys who helped themselves, and the guys that may have hurt themselves.

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