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Washington Releases Two Wide Receivers In Roster Trim

On Monday Washington made two roster changes, releasing wide receivers Jeff Badet and Trevor Davis. The move comes on the heels of Washington selecting two receivers in the draft – Dyami Brown in the fourth round, and Dax Milne at the end of the seventh.

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2021 Draft Picks splash

Washington Football Team 2021 Draft Selections

It’s a time honored tradition to rate how a team drafted the day after the draft. None of the players have even signed a contract yet. None of them have played a down of football yet. It is tough to rank much, other than wether or not a team filled some needs, and if their picks met with experts’ opinions.

Washington definitely filled a few needs, and the majority of their selections were considered solid at the position. Their 19th overall pick Jamin Davis, was considered a reach by some, but was climbing many other’s draft boards as well. Third round cornerback Benjamin St-Juste was also ranked a little lower than he was chosen.

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