Arbitration Rejected

Looks like all those Redskins fans that were counting on an extra eighteen million in cap next year, are going to have to go suck on a great big lemon. Jeff Darlington of tweeted today that the arbitrator granted the NFL’s motion to dismiss the challenge filed by Redskins & Cowboys on the salary cap situation.

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Capgate Photoshop: The Three Stooges

In honor of the three-headed monster that were kind enough to put together the whole concept of hitting the Washington Redskins with a $36 Million cap panalty and the Dallas Cowboys with a $10 Million penalty – I wanted to pay visual homage to this fair and impartial trio.

Of course on the left we have Roger Goodell – the Commish – the brainchild so to speak. I admit that due to many recent events, it may seem difficult to put ‘brain’ and ‘Roger Goodell’ in the same sentence, but he is the figurehead of this whole mess.

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Hog Wire: Tuesday

There isn’t a lot going on in Redskins Nation right now, at least not much that wasn’t going on for the last week anyway. Here are a few non-updates:

London Fletcher – Zip. Zilch. Nada. Donut. So stop asking me. There isn’t any new news, but frankly, every day that Fletcher is a free agent, oddly, both sides gain leverage. London gains leverage because with Curtis Lofton going to the Saints, there really aren’t a lot of options left in free agency at inside linebacker. The Redskins gain leverage because there obviously aren’t a lot of other teams throwing money at Fletcher, or he may have already departed. Unfortunately that means that the two may have moved into a stalemate. It’s easy to say, “Give him more money,” but the Redskins have little to spare after the cap penalty. Something creative needs to be done cap-wise because with what will likely be a fairly short-term deal of 2 or 3 years, there isn’t any time to pro-rate out bonus money. Time shares on Dan Snyder’s yacht?

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