Redskins 2013 New Era Draft Hats

Back in January, the NFL gave us a sneak peek at the new NFL Draft caps on their Instagram page. In the background, you can see the Redskins new hat at the top .

Having searched frivolously for more pictures of the Redskins new set of Draft Hats for the past few weeks, my efforts came up empty until today.

“The 59FIFTY fitted cap will be worn by players on draft day while friends and family will receive the 9FIFTY snapback and 39THIRTY stretch fit to wear,” said Katie Kulczyk, Corporate Communications Manager at New Era. “All will be available for purchase in April.”

No, the Redskins don’t have a first round pick and aren’t slated to make a pick until 51st overall, which means that more likely than not, whoever they select will not be in New York to wear his hat. However, fans of every team eat up this kind of stuff.

Without further ado, here is the new set of Redskins Draft Hats, courtesy of New Era.

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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

You know what they say about opinions…
I have no idea what the next few weeks may hold… but I suspect that there is some fun afoot.

My plan?
Re-sign Campbell. Work on building an OL for the future. If a QB falls to us, fine. But, what the heck… nobody listens to me since my dog died.

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THN to Join Pro Football Central Radio Thursday

Our very own SkinsFreak (a.k.a. Brad Johnson — and no, not THE Brad Johnson) will be joining the cast of Pro Football Central Radio on Thursday to preview the Washington Redskins off-season.

This blurb is from their web page:

Pro Football Central Radio Show will be live this Thursday and will provide the best preview/review of the NFC East that you will find anywhere, guranteed. Already confirmed to be joining us live will be reporters from there respective teams, representing the Dallas Cowboys , representing the Giants , and representing the Redskins . We will be announcing an Eagles representative very shortly.

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Brad7686’s Initial Mock Draft

Brad was the winner of the THN draft guru contest, and this mock draft will kick off the draft season for us.

  1. Detroit (0-16) Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia– As much as I’d like to put a defender here to help aid the pathetic Lions defense, the offense is pretty bad too. So when a rare arm like Stafford’s is available to help turn the franchise around, you take it. He has tremendous arm strength, good accuracy, and a clean over-the-top release.
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