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Memorial Day: Remembering Eddie “The Littlest General” LeBaron

Eddie LeBaron isn’t a name that all Washington fans are familiar with. After all, it’s nearly seventy years ago since he quarterbacked in Washington. On a day of remembrance though, he’s a good player to take a look back at.

LeBaron was with the Washington Football Team from 1952 to 1959. For the two years previous to arriving in Washington, he was a Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenant in the Korean War.

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Throwback Thursday: On This Day in Redskins History – 1958

On this day in Redskins history in 1958, Eddie LeBaron led the Washington Redskins to a 45-31 trouncing of the Chicago Cardinals.

LeBaron only completed 15 of his 23 passes for 267 yards, but an astounding 5 of those passes were for touchdowns. Not only that, 4 of them were in the first half, as Washington staked out an insurmountable 38-10 lead.

Redskins running back Johnny Olszewski also had a first half two yard touchdown rush, and finished the game with 136 yards on 19 carries. That’s more than 7 yards per carry.

The win came at Griffith Stadium with 26,169 in attendance.

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Washington Redskins in the LIFE Photo Archives

TIME has recently teamed up with Google to make their LIFE photo archives available on the web. Most of these photos never made it into print, and the process of digitalizing around 10 million photos is still ongoing. It’s an incredible resource, and Google Images makes the archive easy to search.

There are some fantastic football shots. Unfortunately, the best pictures don’t involve the Redskins; I had no idea this media biased stretched back so far. But there are a lot of interesting photos of the hometown team, and I’ve linked them here for your convenience.

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