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Just call him Quality

Unsung. Unheard-of. Under-appreciated.

Long-Snapper. It’s rarely discussed, except when the snap goes sailing over the head of the punter. Other than the place kicker, no one has a greater effect, on a per play basis, on the game than this guy.

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Redskins Sign Long Snapper

On Friday, the Redskins reported that the team had signed free agent long snapper Nick Sundberg to a reserve/futures contract.

Okay, maybe not exactly earth shattering news, but it’s January!

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Redskins Retain Albright, Re-Sign Westbrook, Claim Alridge, Release Plackemeier

On Friday the Redskins announced they had re-signed long snapper Ethan Albright, who was set to become an unrestricted free agent.

Albright has been the model of consistency since his arrival in Washington in 2001. Known for his accuracy and speed on his snaps and solid blocking, he made his first appearance in the Pro Bowl last February.

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Numbers, Schmumbers

Numbers.  47-3.  24-3.  71-6.  Sure, they mean something, and right now they don’t look good.  But this game is about more than numbers, which sounds silly to say, since the score has actual numbers in it, numbers which determine the winner and loser.  However, in the preseason, I’ve tried to look past the numbers, and what I see from the Redskins is rather exciting.

So, with gloom and doom lurking around the Redskins as of late, I thought I would brighten your day with a few positive notes:

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