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Catching up with Andre Carter – Leftovers

Recently, Redskins linebacker Andre Carter took time to discuss a variety of topics with THN. A lot of his quotes made it into the article, which can be found here. Some didn’t. Which is what Leftovers is here to provide to you.

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Sit Down Carlos

Cornerback Carlos Rogers was benched on Sunday, after giving up a 40-yard touchdown reception to Brandon Marshall. On the play, Rogers was beaten badly on a double move, allowing Marshall to get behind him and make the catch.

Carlos was a little sensitive after the game:

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Leftovers – Week 7

Here are this week’s leftovers from THN Weekly with Andre Carter.

THN: Haynesworth apparently left to go to the locker room with about 25 seconds left in the game but he was also the one guy to make his voice heard and try to motivate guys and get them to step their game up after the game. Is that true? If so, why did he leave so early and what did he say?

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THN Fred Smoot Wallpaper Now Available

As an ongoing effort, THN will be periodically releasing new wallpapers during the coming weeks.  This week, we are proud to introduce the new Fred Smoot Wallpaper.  It is also available in a widescreen version.


Fred Smoot Wallpaper

Fred Smoot Wallpaper

Check out all of the Redskin Wallpapers available in the Fun Zone

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A Need for Speed

Fred Smoot can usually be relied on to have something to say about most things. Not all of what he says makes sense and he is not known for his brevity – but a recent comment he made about Steve Spurrier and this year’s version of the Redskins offense sums things up quite succinctly. ‘Coach is in love with speed’.

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