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Commanders Beat Colts To Extend Winning Streak To Three

It was a battle of formerly backup quarterbacks. Sam Ehlinger stepped in for an injured Matt Ryan, and Taylor Heinicke made his second straight start for the Washington Commanders. Neither one of them looked like they’d be breaking any passing records any time soon, but in the end, Heinicke earned another pair of Nikes and came away with a 17-16 victory.

The Commanders quarterback ultimately put up decent numbers, going 23 of 31 for 279 yards with an interception and two touchdowns – one in the air, one on the ground. But in a tight match-up, it was Heinicke’s last two plays that made all the difference.

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Week 8: Washington Vs Indianapolis Inactive Lists

It’s Week 8 of the 2022 NFL season. The Washington Commanders will face the Indianapolis Colts in a game that might have been a bit more personal were it not for an injury to Carson Wentz two weeks ago. Colts owner Jim Irsay spent most of the off-season bad-mouthing Wentz and looking like the jackass that he usually does.

Washington have rebounded from a tough start to the season, and are coming off two straight victories. Last week they beat the Green Bay Packers in a game that saw Taylor Heinicke return to the starting quarterback position.

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First Look: Commanders Vs Colts – Head-To-Head, Odds, And More

The Week 8 game at Lucas Oil Stadium would have certainly been circled on Carson Wentz’ personal calendar. Not only did he come over to Washington from Indianapolis in the off-season, but did so, to a chorus of unprofessional psychobabble from Colts owner Jim Irsay. Unfortunately for Wentz, he’s sidelined with a broken finger and Taylor Heinicke will be starting in his place.

Washington’s backup quarterback will get his second straight start, after a hard-fought win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 7.

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Wentz Ends Washington’s Desperate Search For A Quarterback

Washington’s desperate search for a quarterback came to an end on Wednesday. The Commanders reportedly struck a deal with the Indianapolis Colts for Carson Wentz. The deal will not be finalized until next week when the 2022 league year officially begins.

According to reports, Washington gave up a 3rd round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, as well as at least a 3rd round pick in 2023. If Wentz plays more than 70% of the snaps in 2022, that 2023 draft pick would increase to a 2nd round pick for Washington. The two teams also swapped their 2nd round picks in this year’s draft (Washington’s 42nd overall for Indianapolis’ 47th). Further reports today state that Washington will also receive a 7th round pick in the 2022 Draft.

Additionally, the Commanders will pay Wentz’ entire 2022 salary of $28-million-plus dollars.

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Week 6 NFL Picks

Once I get about five or six games into a season, I start to gamble with a little bit more fervor. After all, you have a much better sense of all 32 teams’ relative ability by this point.

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By now I am sure you have heard about the “deflate-gate” scandal that is buzzing through the news wires this morning. The New England Patriots are being investigated for using deflated footballs in the rain, in their dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

The only balls that got deflated were Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts’.


But surely enough, out come the Monday Morning soapbox stances from anyone with an opinion.

Ahem… here’s mine. 😉

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Redskins Continue to Expand Coaching Search

By Jake Russell

With two interviews already in the books and two more occurring this weekend, the Redskins continue to cast their net far and wide for a potential head coach, gathering information from an extensive range of candidates.

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Griffin Not Doing Private Workouts A Sign?

People tell me not to ‘make anything out of’ Robert Griffin III not doing any private follow-up workouts for teams.

Why not?

I don’t care who Griffin turns down for private workouts, there are only two teams in the running – the Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts. The Redskins have stated that they didn’t need a private workout anyway, and had already seen everything they needed to see. Smart.

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When Pigs Fly?

We at never miss an opportunity to make a bad pun on a good pig cliche, so I can’t help but think on the day that the city of Indianapolis let one of the greatest football players EVER escape, that I should look outside for flying pigs.

Subsequently I could also skate my way to a hell that must have frozen over if the mighty Peyton Manning had actually been relieved of his Colts’ duties.

And yet I watched it happen.

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Robert Griffin III in a Redskins uniform

Just like when Andrew Luck pictures were photoshopped with him wearing Colts, Dolphins and Redskins uniforms, fans were fascinated. Now, after he was awarded the 2011 Heisman Trophy, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III has been photoshopped in a Redskins uniform.

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