Hog Wire: News And Notes

Gaffney Released

I’m not sure I really understand the ‘celebration’ of some Redskins fans of the news today that Jabar Gaffney had been released, but whatever. Gaffney was the most dependable receiver on the roster last season, his only season in the burgundy and gold. Other than a Twitter tirade that may or may not have been him (he says that his account was hacked), his time in Washington was very positive.

He hauled in 68 catches for 947 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2011 – all team highs. All three were also career highs (touchdowns tied 2007).

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Putting Things In Perspective

We swept the Giants this year, with a very solid game against the Giants yesterday, following up on a very good performance in a shootout against one of the best teams/offenses in the league in New England. That was following a decent performance through 50 minutes against the Jets with Rex having a very off day. And that’s following a very good win against a young Seahawks team who just seems to give everyone fits.

Rex Grossman’s play has been up and down, as expected, and he still makes way too many mistakes, and some of them crucial. But under Rex Grossman, this offense seems to take a little flight. It’s true that receivers like the ability to go deep and not have to get smacked around in the middle after a 5-yard slant. It’s also true it opens up those 5-yard slants to keep defenses honest to the threat. Rex Grossman gives us a chance to be a lethal offense… but that’s it… a chance.

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Thoughts On Redskins vs. Dolphins

Well, as some of you may have seen, I tweeted in the early hours of Sunday morning that the Dolphins wouldn’t care for the QB controversy that the Shanahan’s created because it wouldn’t matter in terms of their preparation overall. If they could score first, they could play pass defense the rest of the game, and they would win. Well, that proved to be the case.

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