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Wallpaper Wednesday: The Squire – Vintage Jack Kent Cooke

Typically there are only #WallpaperWednesdays during the regular season, but sometimes exceptions have to be made.

Like marking the occasion of the anniversary of the passing of the late, great Jack Kent Cooke.

Incredibly, it has been 25 years since The Squire passed away.

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The Future “Beloved” Daniel Snyder???

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

Much discussion about General Managers on Redskins fan boards these days… it’s pretty much a (note: I said “a” not “the”) common denominator.

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Sacred Cow Tipping

Oh, I know I’m gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.

Here’s my question; Was Jack Kent Cooke really the genius we believe him to be, or did he just have the right cogs fall into place?

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