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Game Recap: Washington 16 Tampa Bay 13

The Game Was Over When…

Jeremy Jarmon forced a Clifton Smith fumble with less than a minute to go in the game, and Chris Horton recovered.

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A Horse Walks into a Bar…

The Bartender asks; “Why the long face?”

How many of you realize that the Redskins actually won the game yesterday? Show of hands?

No seriously, they did.

Yes…they did. I wouldn’t lie to you, they won.

Yes, I know they only scored nine points, but nine is greater than seven.

Oh sure, they naysayers are saying “same old Redskins; only scored nine points. That won’t be enough to beat our tougher opponents.”

Consider this:

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By the Numbers – Week 1

By The Numbers

Here is a look at some of the ‘numbers’ from the Redskins 23-17 loss to the Giants on Sunday afternoon:

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New Season; Same Result

There were two things the Redskins needed to do yesterday to beat the Giants and the Redskins didn’t accomplish either of them.

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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

At the end of last season, many were ready to see Jason Campbell go the way of the Do-do. Many made it clear that they believe that Campbell is the problem with the Redskins offense (even though the stats don’t quite support that).

Then, as soon as the Redskins show interest in another QB, some of those same people started a “Hands-Across-America” campaign for Campbell wondering why the Redskins would ever think of being disloyal to their starting QB.

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That New Season Smell ’09

It’s that time of year again. Training camp has only just begun and to some fans the season is already lost. I can understand some of the concern myself, but I’m not quite ready to completely write our team off just yet.

Here’s my take on some of the off-season moves.

Jason Campbell

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Slop From The Trough 06-12-09

This is a new blog I’ll plan to do at least weekly starting with training camp. For now, at least, it will just be something along the lines of a Redskins notebook. I’ll be going to the internet trough and posting some of the slop that I come across that seems relevant. Feel free to comment to let me know if I’ve missed something or you have ideas for improvement.

For now, let’s get started with LaRon Landry, Jason Campbell, two signings and James Thrash:

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The D.C. Gossip

Oh how we love our drama here in D.C.! I never watched the Gossip Girl, but here’s how I think the Redskins would be described if you asked a teenage girl. Seems fitting because it’s not far off from how the regular media is reporting it!


Okay, so did you hear that Jimmy called out CP in front of the whole world and blamed him for the Redskins entire offensive troubles?


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The Indignity of a Dallas Loss

The Monday after a Redskins loss is always a miserable day for Redskins’ fans. It always seems that people will cross the street to point and laugh at you for your team losing. People who aren’t even football fans will get their little barbs in like “So what happened to your Redskins yesterday” and “Saw your team get it’s butt kicked” and “I’m just pointing and laughing at you because everyone else is. I’m not even sure why they are, but I like to point and laugh.”

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By The Numbers: Lions

Each week, we take a peak at some of the ‘numbers’ that might have contributed to the past game’s outcome. Here are this week’s numbers from the Redskins 25-17 win over the Detroit Lions:

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