Looking at Pryor Supplemental Drafts

Much ado has been made recently about Terrelle Pryor and his eligibility for the supplemental draft today. So is it worthwhile internet chit chat, or is it just much ado about nothing? While the pundits and arm chair quarterbacks like to rant and rave about the merits of drafting these supplemental picks, one only needs to look back at history to determine if their opinions are warranted. And if you’re looking at history… they probably aren’t.

The reality of it is this, very-few-to-none, that have been drafted in the Supplemental Draft, have ever amounted to much of an NFL player. Oh sure, there have been some fringe pick-ups, but rarely has a team missed out on a perennial Pro Bowler, by not jumping on this draft.

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Don’t Buy Into The Hype

Fellow Redskin fans and armchair quarterbacks – be very careful with the judgments that ye shall pass in the next day or so.

We all sit and wait with bated breath, for an agreement to be reached, and for the NFL lockout to end. As fans, we are starting to feel that compulsion swell inside of us, and we feel our burgundy and gold blood coarsing through our veins. Emotions heightened, it would be easy for us to jump to conclusions, or to make rash judgments.

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