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Throwback Thursday: Clark Hauls In Two Bombs In Rout Of Cardinals

On this day in Washington history – September 30th, 1990 – Washington pounded the Phoenix Cardinals 38-10.

Gary Clark caught not one, but TWO 42 yard touchdown passes from quarterback Stan Humphries.

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Dallas Week: Memories of Rivalry Past

I was both impressed and amused by Deangelo Hall’s new found fiestiness…  in an “Awwww, come on, dude” kind of way…  Here’s this little guy, never known for his physicality, talkin’ “AH MA GONNA TAKE’EMOUT” smack with Tony Romo on Dallas Week. 

Deangelo:  “Absolutely. I want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever’s hurt,” Hall said. “Romo’s ribs—I’m going to be asking for some corner blitzes. If I know Felix Jones’(notes) shoulder’s hurt, I’m not going to cut him. I’m definitely going to try to hit him up high, so that’s just part of it.

“If you know something’s wrong with an opponent, you’re going to try to target in on that. We’re going to try to definitely get as many hats on that team as possible.”

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More Memories of George Allen

“Forty men together can’t lose!”

– George Allen, December 31st, 1972, pumping the team up before the NFC Championship Game. Read More

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Joe Bugel… we will miss you!

Well, of course, there are mixed feelings.  Joe Bugel was the architect of (arguably) the most dominant offensive line in football history.  The Hogs were masters of the trenches for over a decade. The Hogs WERE Joe Bugel. Read More

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Thank you, Chris.

On a day where the league is focusing on plans for attacking an uncapped free agency period come midnight tonight, the biggest news around Redskins Park today centers around the retirement of the Redskins bookend left tackle for the first decade of this millennium.

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Have you ever wondered to yourself how the Redskins coaching staff haven’t been able to see in a practice, the same things that we fans see in a game? Read More

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Know Your Opponent: Arizona Cardinals

So, I took a little heat last week for simply hurling schoolyard insults at the Saints in “Know Your Opponent: New Orleans”Not as much heat as the Saints took in FedEx, but I digress.

I intend to still hurl my schoolyard insults this week because, c’mon, it’s the Cardinals, are we really afraid of a team that has named itself after a perching songbird? Read More

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Match-Up To Watch: Stephon Heyer vs. Justin Tuck

Gone are the days of yore, when my favorite thing to watch when the Washington Redskins and New York Giants met on the gridiron was my favorite player, Jon Jansen, battling one of our generation’s premier pass rushers in Michael Strahan. With Strahan following former teammate Tiki Barber off the field and into the studio, and Jansen’s unceremonious removal from the starting line-up, a new rivalry could be in the making. Read More

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Prayers For Buges

From David Elfin in the Washington Times’ Redskins 360 blog:

Everyone’s thoughts at Redskin Park are with offensive line coach Joe  Bugel, who left after Saturday night’s game for Arizona where his 35-year-old daughter Holly is battling cancer.

As, we’d be remiss if we didn’t send out our thoughts and prayers to the Bugel family. As someone who has watched a relative battle — and ultimately lose, but hopefully Ho;;y is in for a better outcome — I know how difficult this can be. Couple that with the fact that its his child and the strife must be ten-fold.

Take your time Buges. Family is the most important thing. Rennie Simmons will hold the fort down for you.

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