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Could It Really Be Forty Years Ago, That The Hogs Were Being Born?

Has it really been forty years? Four decades ago, something began to grow in the swamps of Virginia. It’s difficult to remember what times were like back then.

Ronald Reagan was president.

People’s phones still had cords attached to them.

There was a war in the Falkland Islands.

Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat.

Robert Jarvik invented the world’s first artificial heart.

And perhaps most importantly – at least to this particular article – The Hogs were born.

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Jacoby Snubbed By The Hall Of Fame Yet Again

Well, it happened again. Former Washington offensive tackle Joe Jacoby was once again denied entry into the hallowed halls of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It has become painful even for the fans of the big offensive lineman. For Jacoby, it has to feel like a morsel of food getting stuck between the same two teeth after every meal.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Joe Jacoby Hall of Fame Wallpaper

After this week’s announcement that he was once again a semi-finalist for the Hall of Fame, it seemed like a good time to run a Joe Jacoby wallpaper. Perhaps if everyone puts it on their phone – stares at it daily, and use up all our wishes – it can finally be willed into existence.

After all, he may be the greatest NFL lineman that is not currently in the Hall Of Fame.

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Jacoby Named Semi-Finalist For Hall Of Fame Induction

Joe Jacoby is once again in the hunt for a spot in Pro Football’s Hall of Fame. His “modern” eligibility for induction expired in 2018, but he’s back on the ballot as a “Senior”. Will this finally be the year that this wrong gets righted?

Jacoby is one of 25 semi-finalists in the Senior category. The committee will narrow that number down to 12 by July 27th. By August 16th, that number will be crunched down to the three that will make this year’s Class.

Joe not being in the Hall has been the bane of some Washington fans existence for quite some time. It is hard to imagine what it feels like to Jacoby himself. An original member of “The Hogs” – the inspiration for this website – he is easily the most revered offensive tackle to ever don the burgundy and gold. That puts him ahead of the likes of Chris Samuels, Trent Williams, and even Jim Lachey. All four were great tackles during their tenure. Ask the fans though – and it’s a virtual landslide in Joe’s favor.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Vintage Joe Jacoby Mobile Wallpaper

After a season ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, it seemed like a good time to run a vintage wallpaper. Perhaps if we celebrate a player of yesteryear, it will take away some of the sting of the current year.

So today’s #WallpaperWednesday celebrates the greatest player, that is not currently in the Hall Of Fame.

Mr. Joe Jacoby.

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History Says Washington Should Draft A Tackle In First Round

Washington Left Tackles

The Washington Football Team could really use a left tackle. Perhaps they have been a bit spoiled over the years. Washington may not have dominated the league for the last two decades, but they have always had a great left tackle. And before that?

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Joe Jacoby Vintage Edition

As I sat around trying to decide who I was going to make the subject of this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday, I found myself slightly uninspired. The only player that I thought earned the stripe on Sunday was DJ Swearinger, and he’s already been the subject of a Wallpaper Wednesday AND included in the Flight Marshalls wallpaper just last week.

So I dipped into the well and pulled out my favorite all-time Redskin – Mr. Joe Jacoby. Not only the greatest lineman to ever don the burgundy and gold – not only one of the greatest undrafted lineman to ever play – but the greatest offensive lineman not in the Hall of Fame. Disgraceful. And grounds for any Redskins fan to boycott Canton if they believe in the sanctity of the process.

He was on all three Redskins Super Bowl teams. He made four Pro Bowls. He was first team All Pro twice. The Pro Football Hall of Fame itself, even named him to the 2nd team all 1980s team. But still not in the Hall.

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Flashback Friday: Joe Jacoby

I posted this before, but when original Hog Joe Jacoby is announced as one of the 15 Hall of Fame finalists the night before…


Best of luck Joe! All of #RedskinsNation is pulling for you.

Follow him on Twitter @JoeJacoby66Hog and me @TheHogsdotNet.


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Flashback Friday: Joe Jacoby

It seems only fitting that the day after the Redskins signed 11 undrafted free agents, that we flashback to a never forgotten legend of the burgundy and gold… Joe Jacoby.

After all, not only was Jacoby never drafted, and not only is he the greatest Redskin player to never be drafted – he is one of the greatest players in NFL history to never be drafted.

Happy Flashback Friday.


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Redskins Roster Grows By 11 UDFAs

The Redskins announced the signing of eleven undrafted free agents yesterday, and are expected to announce a couple more in the next few days. Washington’s rookie camp starts next week (May 15).

Here is a list of the players that were signed:

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